ASUS ME302C (K00A)

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ASUS ME302C (K00A)
Availability: now

FCC approval date: 19 June 2013
Country of manuf.: China

Industry Canada ID: 3568A-K00A

Power: 5 VDC, 2 A
Connector type: USB Female Micro-B

CPU1: Intel Atom Z2560
FLA1: 16 GiB 16,384 MiB <br />17,179,869,184 B <br />134,217,728 Kib <br />16,777,216 KiB <br />131,072 Mib <br /> (Hynix Model?)
RAM1: 1 GiB 1,024 MiB <br />1,073,741,824 B <br />8,388,608 Kib <br />1,048,576 KiB <br />8,192 Mib <br /> (Brand? Model?)

802dot11 WI1 chip 1: Broadcom BCM43340

abgn, 1x1:1

Categorized as: tablet computer

Stock OS / FW: Android 4.2.2

Flags: Bluetooth 4.0

OUI: none specified


Per the FCC docs, this device (or these devices, if multiple tablets are covered) is using:

  • an AOU B101UAN01.7_H/W 1A / CPT CLAA101FP05 LCD display
  • a Foxlink FO50AF-404H, Chicony CJAC533-1,
or Lite-On 12P2BA536A front-facing camera
  • a Foxlink FM12FF-412H or Lite-On 12P2SF181 rear-facing camera
  • eMMCs: Hynix H26M52002EQR (16GB), H26M64002DQR (32GB),
and the Toshiba THGBMAG8A4JBA4R (32GB)
  • a ME302C_MB mainboard
  • a standard 5V DC, 2A USB charger (USB Female Micro-B connector)
    • models noted are the ASUS AD83531, ASUS W12-010N3A,
ASUS AD876320, and the ASUS PSA 10A-050Q
  • a C12P1301 (3.7VDC, 25Wh) Li-ion battery
manuf. by Simplo Technology Co., Ltd. or Celxpert Energy Corp
  • using Android 4.2.2; F/W version: 51.08


EeePad designation
10.1" (1920x1080) display
@800MHz/1600MHz CPU clock speed range