ASUS ME302KL (K005)

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ASUS ME302KL (K005)

FCC approval date: 22 May 2013
Country of manuf.: China

Industry Canada ID: 3568A-K005

Power: 5 VDC, 2 A
Connector type: USB Female Micro-B

CPU1: Qualcomm APQ8064 (1.7 GHz)
CPU2: Qualcomm MDM9215M
FLA1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: 1 GiB 1,024 MiB <br />1,073,741,824 B <br />8,388,608 Kib <br />1,048,576 KiB <br />8,192 Mib <br /> (Hynix H5TC2G63FFR-PBR × 4)

802dot11 WI1 chip 1: Qualcomm APQ8064

802dot11 WI1 chip 2: Qualcomm Atheros WCN3660

abgn, 1x1:1

Categorized as: tablet computer

Flags: battery, front-facing camera, rear-facing camera, GSM, CDMA, bluetooth

OUI: none specified

Per the FCC test report...

  • The device is using a Qualcomm APQ8064 ( • Snapdragon (System on Chip) on Wikipedia)
  • The Wi-Fi IC is a Qualcomm Atheros WCN3660 (802.11a/b/g/n, 1x1:1)
  • The WWAN module is a Qualcomm MDM9215M
  • The LCD panel in use is an AUO AUO/B101UAN0.17_HW 1A
  • The battery in use is a SMP (SDI cells) - 3.7VDC, 6560mAh / 25Wh
  • The front-facing camera is a Lite-On LITEON/10P2SF130K.
  • The rear facing camera is a Lite-On LITEON/12P2BA540.
  • Chargers mentioned are..
    • ASUS AD83531 (100-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz, 0.3A -> 5VDC, 2A)
    • ASUS W12-010N3A (100-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz, 0.3A -> 5VDC, 2A)

Per the FCC SAR test report...

  • The mainboard model name is ME302KL (which is also the presumed actual device model)

Asus MeMO Pad ME302KL with full HD display, quad-core CPU coming this summer? on Liliputing

10" tablet, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor w/ Adreno 320 graphics
1GB RAM expected, 16GB storage, front + rear cameras, 5050mAh battery (conflicts)