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See also: 07d1 and D-Link
2001:0001  DWL-120 Wireless Adapter
2001:0201  DHN-120 10Mb Home Phoneline Adapter
2001:1a00  DUB-E100 Fast Ethernet Adapter (rev.A) [ASIX AX88172]
2001:1a02  DUB-E100 Fast Ethernet Adapter (rev.C1) [ASIX AX88772] 
2001:3200  DWL-120 802.11b Wireless Adapter (rev.E1) [Atmel at76c503a]
2001:3301  DWA-130 802.11n Wireless N Adapter (rev.C1) [Realtek RTL8192U]
2001:3306  DWL-G122 Wireless Adapter(rev.F1) [Realtek RTL8188SU]
2001:3308  DWA-121 802.11n Wireless N 150 Pico Adapter [Realtek RTL8188CUS]
2001:3309  DWA-135 802.11n Wireless N Adapter(rev.A1) [Realtek RTL8192CU]
2001:330a  DWA-133 802.11n Wireless N USB Adapter [Realtek RTL8192CU]
2001:330d  DWA-131 802.11n Wireless N Nano USB Adapter (rev.B1) [Realtek RTL8192CU]
2001:330e  DWA-183 Wireless AC DB USB 2.0 Adapter (rev.A1) [Realtek RTL8812AU]
2001:330f  DWA-125 Wireless N150 USB Adapter (rev.D1) [Realtek RTL8188ETV]
2001:3310  DWA-123 Wireless N150 USB Adapter (rev.D1) [Realtek RTL8188ETV]
2001:3311  D-Link GO-USB-N150 USB Adapter (rev.B1) [Realtek RTL8188ETV]
2001:3313  DWA-182 Wireless AC DB USB 3.0 Adapter (rev.B1) [Realtek RTL8812AU]
2001:3314  DWA-171 Wireless AC600 DB USB Adapter (rev.A1) [Realtek RTL8811AU]
2001:3315  DWA-182 Wireless AC DB USB 3.0 Adapter (rev.C) [Realtek RTL8812AU]
2001:3317  DWA-137 Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter [Ralink RT5372]
2001:3318  DWA-172 (rev A1) Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter [Realtek RTL8811AU]
2001:3319  DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB Adapter (Rev. E1) [Realtek RTL8192EU]  
2001:3500  WL-162 WLAN Card (EliteGroup Computer Systems)
2001:3700  DWL-122 802.11b [Intersil Prism 3]
2001:3701  DWL-G120 802.11g Spinnaker [Intersil ISL3886]
2001:3702  DWL-120 802.11b Wireless Adapter (rev.F) [Intersil ISL3871]
2001:3703  DWL-G122 AirPlus G Wireless Adapter (rev.A1) [Intersil ISL3880]
2001:3704  DWL-G122 AirPlus G Wireless Adapter (rev.A2) [Intersil ISL3887]
2001:3705  DWL-G120 AirPlus G Wireless Adapter (rev.C) [Intersil ISL3887]
2001:3761  802.11g USB 2.0 Wireless Network Adapter PN -
2001:3a00  DWL-AG132 [Atheros AR5523] -
2001:3a01  DWL-AG132 (no firmware) [Atheros AR5523] +
2001:3a02  DWL-G132 [Atheros AR5523] -
2001:3a03  DWL-G132 (no firmware) [Atheros AR5523] +
2001:3a04  DWL-AG122 [Atheros AR5523] -
2001:3a05  DWL-AG122 (no firmware) [Atheros AR5523] +
2001:3a0b  [[D-Link DWL-G132 (Alice)]] • USB 2.0 • [Atheros AR5523]
2001:3a80  DWL-G132 AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Adapter -
2001:3a82  DWL-AG132 AirPremier AG Wireless Adapter -
2001:3b00  DWL-120+ AirPlus Wireless Adapter [TI ACX100 USB] -
2001:3b01  [[D-Link DWL-120+]] • USB 1.1 • [TI TNETW1100B]
2001:3c00  DWL-G122 AirPlus G Wireless Adapter (rev.B1) [Ralink RT2571] +
2001:3c01  DWL-AG122 AirPlus AG Wireless Adapter -
2001:3c02  DWL-G122 AirPlus G Wireless Adapter -
2001:3c05  DUB-E100 Fast Ethernet Adapter (rev.B1) [ASIX AX88772] -
2001:3c15  DWA-140 RangeBooster N Adapter (rev.B3) [Ralink RT5372] +
2001:3c17  DWA-123 Wireless N150 Adapter (rev.A1) [Ralink RT3370] +
2001:3c19  DWA-125 Wireless N150 Adapter (rev.A3) [Ralink RT5370] +
2001:3c1a  DWA-160 802.11abgn Xtreme N DB Adapter (rev.B2) [Ralink RT5572] +
2001:3c1b  DWA-127 Wireless N150 High-Gain Adapter (rev.A1) [Ralink RT3070] +
2001:3c1c  [[D-Link GO-USB-N150]] •  USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5370]
2001:3c1d  [[D-Link DWA-123 rev B1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5370]
2001:3c1e  [[D-Link DWA-125 rev B1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5370]
2001:3c1f  [[D-Link DWA-162 rev A1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT3573]
2001:3c20  [[D-Link DWA-140 rev D1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5372]
2001:3c21  [[D-Link DWA-160 rev C1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5572]
2001:3c22  [[D-Link DWA-132 rev B1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5372]
2001:3c23  [[D-Link GO-USB-N300 rev B1]] • USB 2.0 • [Ralink RT5372]
2001:3d02  [[D-Link DWA-171 rev B1]] • USB 2.0 • [MediaTek MT7610U]
2001:3d04  [[D-Link DWA-127 rev B1]] • USB 2.0 • [MediaTek MT7601U]

D-Link Wireless USB Adapters (2001)

BusFCC IDManufVendor IDDevice IDChip1 brandChip1 modelPHY
D-Link DWA-121 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA121A1Alpha Networks20013308RealtekRTL8188CUSbgn1x1:114:D6:4D2010
D-Link DWA-121 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA121B12001331bRealtekRTL8188EUSbgn1x1:100:AD:242017
D-Link DWA-123 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA123A1Alpha Networks20013c17RalinkRT3370bgn1x1:12010
D-Link DWA-123 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA123B1Alpha Networks20013c1dRalinkRT5370bgn1x1:12012
D-Link DWA-123 rev D1USB2.0KA2WA125D120013310RealtekRTL8188ETVbgn1x1:12013
D-Link DWA-125 rev A3USB2.0KA2WA125A3Alpha Networks20013c19RalinkRT5370bgn1x1:12011
D-Link DWA-125 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA123B1Alpha Networks20013c1eRalinkRT5370bgn1x1:12012
D-Link DWA-125 rev D1USB2.0KA2WA125D12001330fRealtekRTL8188ETVbgn1x1:12013
D-Link DWA-127 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA127A1
D-Link DWA-127 rev B1USB2.020013d04MediaTekMT7601Ubgn1x1:1
D-Link DWA-130 rev C1USB2.0KA2WA130C1Alpha Networks20013301RealtekRTL8192Ubgn1x2:200:24:012008
D-Link DWA-131 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA131B12001330dRealtekRTL8192CUbgn?x2:2AC:F1:DF2012
D-Link DWA-131 rev C1USB2.020013312RealtekRTL8192EUbgn2x2:2
D-Link DWA-131 rev E1USB2.0KA2WA131E1Alpha Networks20013319RealtekRTL8192EUbgn2x2:22014
D-Link DWA-132USB2.0KA2WA132A1Cameo2001330aRealtekRTL8192CUbgn2x2:22011
D-Link DWA-132 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA140D1SGE20013c22RalinkRT5372bgn2x2:22013
D-Link DWA-133USB2.0Alpha Networks2001330aRealtekRTL8192CUbgn2x2:2
D-Link DWA-135USB2.0KA2WA135A1Alpha Networks20013309RealtekRTL8192CUbgn2x2:22010
D-Link DWA-137USB2.0SGE20013317RalinkRT5372bgn2x2:2
D-Link DWA-140 rev B3USB2.0KA2WA140B3Alpha Networks20013c15RalinkRT5372bgn2x2:284:C9:B22011
D-Link DWA-140 rev D1USB2.0KA2WA140D1SGE20013c20RalinkRT5372bgn2x2:22013
D-Link DWA-151 rev A1USB2.0SGE2001330cRealtekRTL8192DUabgn2x2:2F4:3E:61
D-Link DWA-160 rev B2USB2.0KA2WA160B2Alpha Networks20013c1aRalinkRT5572abgn2x2:2BC:F6:852011
D-Link DWA-160 rev C1USB2.0Alpha Networks20013c21RalinkRT5572abgn2x2:2
D-Link DWA-162 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA162A1Edimax20013c1fRalinkRT3573abgn3x3:32013
D-Link DWA-171 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA171A1Cameo20013314RealtekRTL8811AUabgn+ac1x1:148:EE:0C
D-Link DWA-171 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA171B1Alpha Networks20013d02MediaTekMT7610Uabgn+ac1x1:12013
D-Link DWA-171 rev C1USB2.0KA2WA171C120013314RealtekRTL8811CUabgn+ac1x1:12018
D-Link DWA-172 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA172A1Edimax20013318RealtekRTL8811AUabgn+ac1x1:12014
D-Link DWA-180 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA180A1Cameo20013316RealtekRTL8812AUabgn+ac2x2:22013
D-Link DWA-182 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA182A1Alpha Networks20013101BroadcomBCM43526abgn+ac2x2:278:54:2E
D-Link DWA-182 rev B1USB3.020013313RealtekRTL8812AUabgn+ac2x2:22015
D-Link DWA-182 rev C1USB3.020013315RealtekRTL8812AUabgn+ac2x2:2
D-Link DWA-182 rev D1USB3.0KA2WA182D12001331cRealtekRTL8812BUabgn+ac2x2:210:62:EB2017
D-Link DWA-183 rev A1USB2.0KA2WA180A1Alpha Networks2001330eRealtekRTL8812AUabgn+ac2x2:22013
D-Link DWA-192USB3.0KA2WA192A1Alpha Networks2001331aRealtekRTL8814AUabgn+ac4x4:32015
D-Link DWL-120 rev E1USB1.1PSL-WEN-2072W-Link20013200AtmelAT76C503Ab00:05:5D2002
D-Link DWL-120+USB1.1KA2DWL-120PLUS
Global Sun20013b01Texas InstrumentsTNETW1100Bb00:0D:88
D-Link DWL-120R rev A1USB1.1KA220030603039-120013702IntersilISL3871b00:0D:882003
D-Link DWL-122 rev A1USB1.1KA22002090025-1D-Link20013700IntersilISL3871IK18b00:0D:88
D-Link DWL-AG122USB2.020013a05AtherosAR5523abg
D-Link DWL-AG132 rev A1USB2.0KA2DWLAG132A1Global Sun20013a01AtherosAR5523abg2005
D-Link DWL-AG132 rev B1USB2.0KA2DWLAG132B1Alpha Networks20013a01AtherosAR5523abg00:19:5B
D-Link DWL-G120 rev A1USB2.0O7J-GL2454MU-0IGlobal Sun20013701IntersilISL3880bg00:0D:882003
D-Link DWL-G120 rev B1USB2.0KA2DWLG120B1Global Sun20013701IntersilISL3886bg00:0D:88
D-Link DWL-G120 rev C1USB2.0KA2DWLG120C1Alpha Networks20013705IntersilISL3887bg2004
D-Link DWL-G122 rev A1USB2.0KA22003110038-1Alpha Networks20013703IntersilISL3880bg2003
D-Link DWL-G122 rev A2USB2.0RRK2004030017-1Alpha Networks20013704IntersilISL3887bg2004
D-Link DWL-G122 rev B1USB2.0KA2DWLG122B1Alpha Networks20013c00RalinkRT2571bg00:11:95
D-Link DWL-G122 rev F1USB2.020013306RealtekRTL8188SUbg
D-Link DWL-G132 (Alice)USB2.020013a0bAtherosAR5523bg
D-Link DWL-G132 rev A1USB2.0KA2DWLG132A1
Alpha Networks20013a03AtherosAR5523bg00:11:952004
D-Link GO-USB-N150USB2.020013c1cRalinkRT5370bgn1x1:1
D-Link GO-USB-N150 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA125D120013311RealtekRTL8188ETVbgn1x1:12013
D-Link GO-USB-N300 rev B1USB2.0KA2WA140D1SGE20013c23RalinkRT5372bgn2x2:22013