3Com 3C905B-TXNM

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3Com 3C905B-TXNM 03-0172-110 C

(Est.) release date: 1998
Country of manuf.: USA, Singapore

Interface: PCI

ID: 10b7:9055 (1 addl. devices)
Windows: PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_9055

Chip 1: 3Com 40-0483-004

Linux driver

Ethernet ports: 1
Ethernet connector: 8P8C
Ethernet speed capability: 100M
Auto-MDIX capability unspecified

Power LED color / function tag
Media connection/activity LED color / function tag
Media speed LED color / function tag
Media duplex LED color / function tag

Flags: Has Boot ROM socket

OUI: 00:10:5A (1 E, -)

Fast EtherLink XL PCI

10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Adapter

This particular card has a P/N of 03-0172-110 C. The unit's S/N is 6QP128CEED.

The 3Com logo, all the model / product info, "10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Adapter", and "(C)1998 3Com Corporation" is silkscreened on the top of the card.

The 3Com Ethernet controller is marked with...
  • Parallel Tasking II
  • Performance
  • 3Com 40-0483-004
  • 9832S 15484437
  • A card w/ a S/N of 6QPD73C5CB (manuf. in Singapore) has text of 9912S 21055437 here
  • LUCENT 40-04834
"10/100 Mbps Signalling Rate", "FAB 02-0172-002 REV A", and "COVERED BY ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING PATENTS: 5268899, 5307459, 5434872, 5485584, 5530874, 5568469" is etched onto the back of the bottom layer of the board.