3Com AirConnect 3CRWE62092A

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3Com 3CRWE62092A

FCC approval date: 17 January 2001
Country of manuf.: Ireland

Interface: PCMCIA (16-bit)

ID: 0101:2092


WI1 chip1: No Wires Needed Poldhu

WI1 chip2: Intersil HFA3861B

WI1 chip3: Intersil HFA3683A

Additional chips
I/Q Modulator/Demodulator and Synthesizer;Intersil;HFA3783;HFA3783IN, N0040EAKT;1;SiGe;48-lead LQFP;
Parallel Flash memory (4 Mbit);SST;SST;SST39VF040-90-4C-WH;1;
CMOS SRAM (2 Mbit);ISSI;IS61LV12816-15T;IS61LV12816-15T, W2262900H 0042;1;

Probable Linux driver
(see also passys)

Antenna connector: none


OUI: 00:01:03 (1 E, 3 W), 00:04:76 (4 E, -)

For a list of all currently documented No Wires Needed (NWN) chipsets with specifications, see No Wires Needed.

For a list of all currently documented Intersil chipsets with specifications, see Intersil.

This card has an alternative model of WL-305.

Identifies in Windows as a...

  • PCMCIA\3Com-3CRWE62092A_Wireless_LAN_PC_Card-0101-2092
  • PCMCIA\3Com-3CRWE62092A_Wireless_LAN_PC_Card-FAEB

A sticker on the bottom of a v2.0 board has "Assembled in Ireland" printed on it.

"02-0261-000" and "REV 07" is silkscreened on the back of the board by the sticker.




Revision A

3Com 3CRWE62092A 2 top.jpg 3Com 3CRWE62092A A bot.jpg

Revision C

3Com 3CRWE62092A top.jpg 3Com 3CRWE62092A bot.jpg