Actiontec V1000H (Telus)

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Actiontec V1000H (Telus)

FCC approval date: 07 May 2009
(Est.) release date: 2010

Type: wireless router, dsl modem

Power: 10 VDC, 1.6 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: Broadcom BCM6368
FLA1: 32 MiB33,554,432 B <br />262,144 Kib <br />32,768 KiB <br />256 Mib <br />0.0313 GiB <br /> (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: 64 MiB67,108,864 B <br />524,288 Kib <br />65,536 KiB <br />512 Mib <br />0.0625 GiB <br /> (Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: USB 2.0
USB ports: 1

WI1 chip1: Broadcom Model?
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bgn
WI1 MIMO config: 2x2:2
WI1 antenna connector: RP-SMA

ETH chip1: Broadcom BCM6368
LAN speed: 1G
LAN ports: 4
WAN speed: 1G
WAN ports: 1


Flags: ADSL2+, VDSL, HomePNA (coax)

Default SSID: TELUSXXXX (1 addl. devices)
Default IP address:
the IP is used by 155 additional devices
of which 1 are Actiontec devices
Default login user: admin
Default login password: telus
admin:telus credentials used by 1 additional devices
of which 0 are Actiontec devices

802dot11 OUI: A8:39:44 (1 E, 1 W)
Ethernet OUI: A8:39:44 (1 E, 1 W)

For a list of all currently documented Broadcom chipsets with specifications, see Broadcom.

Wireless N VDSL Modem Router
Product page
User manual

On the DD-WRT forums

This device appears to use BCM6368.

The user manual shows the sample SSID as following the format of ActiontecV1000H(XXXX). There are 2 matches in WiGLE for this SSID format.