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Basic information

  • Module name(s): airo
  • Authorship tag: community
  • License governing driver source code: Dual BSD/GPL
  • Status: in-kernel


  • MAC architecture / mode: FullMAC
  • Driver framework(s): cfg80211
  • Firmware status tags: on-board
  • Firmware license tags: closed source

Limitations / unimplemented functionality NOS

  • Currently missing functionality:
  • Notable limitations:

Supported modes

  • STA (Station) mode: supported
  • IBSS (Ad-Hoc) mode: unknown
  • AP (Master) mode: unsupported
  • Mesh (802.11s) mode: unsupported
  • P2P mode: unsupported
  • Monitor mode: unknown
  • Packet injection: unknown

Hardware covered

Supported chips

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