Alvarion BreezeNET SA-PCR PRO.11

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Alvarion BreezeNET SA-PCR PRO.11

(Est.) release date: 2002
Country of manuf.: Israel

Interface: PCMCIA (16-bit)

Form factor tags: Type II

ID: 0a02:0102


WI1 chip1: Motorola XC68PM302PV25B

WI1 chip2: VLSI VP27155

WI1 chip3: Motorola MC13158

Additional chips
15 MHz Rail-to-Rail OpAmp (quad);Analog Devices;OP462G;AD 651, OP462G, C32587;1;;14-pin TSSOP;
Integrated GaAs Power Supply + Protection;Texas Instruments;TPS9103;TPS9103, 57K, C689;1;;20-pin TSSOP;
2.4GHz Integrated Transceiver;MACOM;MD58-0005;MD580005;1;GaAs;QSOP-28;
2.4GHz Power Amplifier IC;MACOM;AM55-0001;AM550001;1;GaAs;SSOP-24;
1.1 GHz Frequency Synthesizer;National Semiconductor;LMX1511;H76AG, LMX1511, TMC;1;
Dual Serial Input PLL w/ 2.5 GHz Prescalers;unknown;WB1315;W, B1315XX, 701;1;;20-lead TSSOP;
Parallel Flash memory (1 Mbit);AMD;Am29F010-90EC;;1;
RAM chip (1 Mbit);Hyundai;HY628100A;;1;

Probable Linux driver
(see also passys)

Antenna connector: none

legacy (FHSS)

OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented Motorola chipsets with specifications, see Motorola.

For a list of all currently documented VLSI chipsets with specifications, see VLSI.

The FCC ID for this device is invalid.

Identifies in Linux (via pccardctl ident) as...

Socket 0:
  product info: "BreezeCOM
", "BreezeNET PC-Card
", "Version 4.4.07 990608
", ""
  manfid: 0x0a02, 0x0102
  function: 6 (network)