Amazon Dash Wand 2 Gen (PL46MN)

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Amazon Dash Wand 2 Gen (PL46MN)

FCC approval date: 14 September 2016
(Est.) initial retail price (in USD): $20
UPC: 841667167534 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: China

Amazon image

B01MQMJFDK (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)
B015YEXOR2 (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)
multiple revisions of this device, use caution

Type: IoT, barcode scanner

FCC ID: 2AETI-0610

Power: 3 VDC, 1 A
Connector type: battery powered

FLA1: 16 MiB16,777,216 B <br />131,072 Kib <br />16,384 KiB <br />128 Mib <br />0.0156 GiB <br /> (Micron N25Q128A)
RAM1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: none specified

WI1 chip1: Atmel ATWINC1500B
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bgn
WI1 MIMO config: 1x1:1
WI1 antenna connector: PCB on-board


Additional chips
Bluetooth 4.1 Chip;Cypress;CYBL10563;CYBL10563-68FNXI;1;
Audio Chip;Wolfram Microelectronics;WM8904;;1;

Flags: Bluetooth 4.1 LE, Alexa support

802dot11 OUI: 50:F5:DA, 68:54:FD

For a list of all currently documented Atmel chipsets with specifications, see Atmel.

Amazon Dash Wand (with Alexa)

Product page

This is the second generation of the Amazon Dash Wand which appears to have been

re-released as the Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa to emphasize Alexa support.

Chip IDs are hidden in FCC photos.

See also

FCC ID: 2ABD7-5363 (2014-03-20)
(“Wireless Scanner” from Violet L.L.C.)
FCC ID: 2AETI-0610 (2016-09-14)
(“Wireless Barcode Reader” from Midnight Dawn LLC)
FCC ID: 2ACBE-0610 (2015-03-25)