Argus Technologies EW2104

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Argus Technologies EW2104

FCC approval date: 14 November 2001
Country of manuf.: Taiwan

Type: wireless router


Power: 5 VDC, 2 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: Samsung S3C4510B
FLA1: 0.5 MiB524,288 B <br />4,096 Kib <br />512 KiB <br />4 Mib <br />4.882812e-4 GiB <br /> (AMIC A29040L-70)
RAM1: 4 MiB4,194,304 B <br />32,768 Kib <br />4,096 KiB <br />32 Mib <br />0.00391 GiB <br /> (EliteMT M12L16161C A9L16)

Expansion IFs: none specified
Serial: DE-9

WI1 module: Gemtek WL-216C
WI1 module IF: PCMCIA (16-bit)
WI1 chip1: Harris HFA3841
WI1 chip2: Intersil HFA3861B
WI1 chip3: Intersil HFA3683A
WI1 802dot11 protocols: b
WI1 antenna connector: MMCX

ETH chip1: Samsung S3C4510B
ETH chip2: ASIX AX88796
Switch: Realtek RTL8305S
LAN speed: 100M
LAN ports: 4
WAN speed: 100M
WAN ports: 1


Default SSID: Wireless (23 addl. devices)
Default IP address:
the IP is used by 283 additional devices
of which 1 are Argus Technologies devices
Default login user: admin
Default login password: blank
admin:blank credentials used by 324 additional devices
of which 1 are Argus Technologies devices

802dot11 OUI: 00:03:0A
Ethernet OUI: 00:03:0A

For a list of all currently documented Harris chipsets with specifications, see Harris.
For a list of all currently documented Samsung chipsets with specifications, see Samsung.

Datasheet (via, Manual (via

This device actually uses a 10/100 Ethernet controller for the WAN, unlike almost all other S3C4510x based routers from this era.

This device uses a EPIC Ei16C550 (Ei16C550-CJ44) FIFO UART to provide for the DE-9 serial port on the back of the unit.

This device uses an Altera EPM3032ALC44-10 (MAX 3000A PLD).

"AGS200117" and "Ver: 1.0" is silkscreened on the board in the FCC photos. "GEMTEK", "2100700801", and "WL-216" is silkscreened on the wireless module.

This router was also sold as the..

The manual shows the sample value in the ESSID field to be Wireless. As this SSID is very common with the 00:03:0A (Argus Technologies) OUI, it can (probably) be safely assumed that the default SSID of the device is indeed Wireless.