Atheros AR5B97

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Atheros AR5B97 (HB97)
Availability: reference design

FCC approval date: 14 August 2009
Country of manuf.: China

Interface: Mini PCIe (half)

ID: 168c:002e (7 addl. devices)
Windows: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002E

IC ID: 4104A-AR5B97

WI1 chip1: Atheros AR9287

Windows driver
(Win 7/8/10)

Antenna connector: U.FL

bgn, 2x2:2

OUI: none specified

Atheros AR5B97-FPPD-AR5B97
Compex WLE200N2TK4WLE200N2
Foxconn T77H167.00PPD-AR5B97
Foxconn T77H167.07PPD-AR5B97
Lite-On WN6603AHPPD-AR5B97
Unex DNXA-97PPD-AR5B97

For a list of all currently documented Atheros (QCA) chipsets with specifications, see Atheros.

Atheros AR9287 Mini PCIe Half Card (HB97) reference design

Specifications  • Specifications from QCA

This module is manufactured by many companys:

Foxconn T77H167.07 - 18:F4:6A, 38:59:F9, 4C:0F:6E, 5C:AC:4C,
90:00:4E, C0:F8:DA, C4:46:19, CC:AF:78, EC:55:F9 OUIs
This module is used in the following devices:
  • Westell A90-8300DHM-00 - FCC ID: CH8HC02
  • Some unknown Acer laptops

Note: There is no known card with full [XB97] reference design.