Broadcom BMIPS3300

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  • Processor Identification: 000290XX (Broadcom; Processor ID: 0x90; XX - Revision)
  • Revision depends on:
  • revision of MIPS ISA specification
  • ASEs, EJTAG, FPU and their revisions.
  • Major performance features.
  • Physical implementations, such as custom blocks or process technologies.
  • Standard MIPS32 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)
  • MIPS II ISA with extended instructions for embedded applications
  • 32-bit address and data paths
  • MIPS R4000 style privileged resource architecture
  • MIPS R4000 exception model
  • MIPS R4000 MMU with 32-entry TLB
  • Odd/even page translation, variable page sizes from 4 KB to 16 MB
  • Fully programmable with a set of CP0 registers and instructions
  • Byte ordering of operands in either big or little endian configuration
  • MIPS16e application-specific extension
  • Multiply-accumulate instructions (MADD, MADDU, MSUB, MSUBU)
  • Targeted multiply instruction (MUL)
  • Count leading zero and one bit-manipulation instructions (CLZ, CLO)
  • Conditional move instructions (MOVZ, MOVN)
  • Atomic instructions of load-linked (LL) and store-conditional (SC)
  • Cache instructions and line-based locking