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Files in this category have no information on their copyright status. Many of them may be unfree files. Files that have been in this category for more than seven days (currently anything before 13 June 2021) may be speedy deleted in accordance with either the "Lack of licensing information" (F4) as referenced in the speedy deletion criteria for files.

To tag an image that has no copyright information, use

{{di-no license|month=June|day=20|year=2021}}

or simply


which will put the image in Category:WikiDevi files with unknown copyright status as of 20 June 2021. (If the category doesn't exist yet, please create it.)

output is

Files in this category are potential candidates for [[WikiDevi:Criteria for speedy deletion|speedy deletion]] under '''[[WikiDevi:Criteria for speedy deletion#F4|criterion F4]]''' once this category is seven days old.

Before deleting a file in this category, you must verify that the file is eligible for deletion by examining the file page, since copyright information is sometimes added without removing the {{[[Template:no license|no license]]}} tag.  Do not use tools such as [[WikiDevi:Twinkle|Twinkle]] to blindly delete files in this category.<!-- Template:WikiDevi files with unknown copyright status subcategory starter -->

{{SpeedyMaintanceCat|6={{safesubst:#time:Y-m-d|{{{4|}}} {{{2|}}} {{{1|}}} }}}}
[[Category:WikiDevi files with unknown copyright status|  {{{{{|safesubst:}}}#time:Y-m-d|{{{2}}} {{{4}}}, {{{1}}}}}]]

When tagging a problem image, consider notifying the uploader. You can add

{{subst:image copyright request|File:ImageName.jpg}} --~~~~

to the uploader's talk page.

If this page is still displaying out of date information after you have refreshed the page in your browser, please Purge the server's cache.


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