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COMFAST CF-WR754AC (R173M) v1.1

Country of manuf.: China
Series: AC1200

Amazon image

B07RXVXNP7 (Flag of the United Kingdom.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Type: repeater, range extender

Power: 220 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.05 A
Connector type: AC

CPU1: MediaTek MT7628AN
FLA1: 8 MiB 8,388,608 B <br />65,536 Kib <br />8,192 KiB <br />64 Mib <br />0.00781 GiB <br /> (Winbond Model?)
RAM1: 64 MiB 67,108,864 B <br />524,288 Kib <br />65,536 KiB <br />512 Mib <br />0.0625 GiB <br /> (Winbond W9751G6KB-25)

Expansion IFs: none specified
Serial: yes, 4-pad header, 3.3V TTL, (115200 8N1)

WI1 chip1: MediaTek MT7628AN
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bgn
WI1 MIMO config: 2x2:2
WI1 antenna connector: none
WI2 chip1: MediaTek MT7612EN
WI2 802dot11 protocols: an+ac
WI2 MIMO config: 2x2:2
WI2 antenna connector: none

ETH chip1: MediaTek MT7628AN
Switch: MediaTek MT7628AN
LAN speed: 100M
LAN ports: 1
WAN speed: 100M
WAN ports: 1


Default IP address:
the IP is used by 109 additional devices
of which 4 are COMFAST devices

802dot11 OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented MediaTek chipsets with specifications, see MediaTek.

1200Mbps Dual Band Wireless Repeater

Product page (EN)

Hardware is very similar to ASUS RT-AC1200


The serial port on board. Levels are TTL 3.3V

Pins: 1 - VCC, 2 - GND, 3 - TX, 4 - RX

Baud rate: 115200, Data bits: 8, Parity: none, Stop bits: 1

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