CablesToGo 29560

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CablesToGo 29560

Manuf (OEM/ODM): MCT UH7U 1.8

(Est.) release date: May 2007
UPC: 757120295600 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: Taiwan

Amazon image

B0000B16FY (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Interface: USB

USB 2.0
Connector: Female B

ID: 04cc:1521 (4 addl. devices)
Windows: USB\VID_04CC&PID_1521

Size class: desktop

Passively or actively powered

5 VDC, 3 A
Connector type: barrel

UHub Chip1: NXP ISP1521BE

Ports: 7

Single TT

Power LED color / function tag: green

CablesToGo USB 2.0 7-Port Hub (Port Authority 2)

"P/N:FK1HU2011812 2007/04/13" and "USB2.0 7Port HUB 1.8" is silkscreened on the top of the board.

This hub looks near identical in form-factor and markings to the D-Link DUB-H7 rev A2 / D-Link DUB-H7 rev A5. The silkscreened text also matches up (in contents, font, and location).

A sticker with "UH7U(1.8)" and "S/N:0707PH006715" printed on it is affixed to the bottom of the board. Googlery indicates that the manufacturer of the device is the Taiwan based Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT). Additional confirmation comes from this DUB-H7 Chemical Analysis Report..

The NXP hub IC package is marked with "NXP", "ISP1521BE, "CH0549 02", and "TPD0712C".

The S/N of the unit populating this entry is 07PH-06542.

The power adapter included with this unit is a Fairway Electronic WN20U-050 (100-240VAC ~ 50-60Hz, 1.0A max -> 5VDC 3.0A).