China SE-USB-HUB-13A

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China SE-USB-HUB-13A

Country of manuf.: China

Interface: USB

USB 2.0
Connector: Female B

ID: 058f:6254 (7 addl. devices)
Windows: USB\VID_058F&PID_6254

Size class: desktop

Actively powered

5 VDC, 4 A
Connector type: barrel

UHub Chip1: Alcor Micro AU6254

UHub Chip2: Alcor Micro AU6254

UHub Chip3: Alcor Micro AU6254

UHub Chip4: Alcor Micro AU6254

Ports: 13

Single TT

Power LED color / function tag: blue

This thing uses four Alcor Micro AU6254 hub ICs.

The hub IC packages are marked with "ALCOR", "AU6254", "K41-JBL-NP", "H28922-0", and "0816TM".

This device presents itself to the host system as 4x 058f:6254 devices.

"RoHS", "2002/95/EC", "CP11 REV:B", and "MADE IN CHINA" is silkscreened on the board.

The capacitors are marked with S.I..

The Manhattan 161022 would appear to be this device (or it is at least using the same shell)..