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Chumby CHB-805

FCC approval date: 18 March 2010
(Est.) release date: April 2011
(Est.) initial retail price (in USD): $199.99
UPC: 810542010401 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: China

Type: media player


Power: 5 VDC, 2.5 A
Connector type: barrel plug
Conn. measurements: 3.5 mm (OD), 1.3 mm (ID)

CPU1: Marvell 88AP166 (800 MHz)
FLA1: 0 MiB0 B <br />0 Kib <br />0 KiB <br />0 Mib <br />0 GiB <br /> (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: 128 MiB134,217,728 B <br />1,048,576 Kib <br />131,072 KiB <br />1,024 Mib <br />0.125 GiB <br /> (Hynix HY5PS1G1631C-FP-S6)

Expansion IFs: USB 2.0, CompactFlash, SDHC
USB ports: 2
JTAG: yes, 16-pin header, unpopulated, J1
Serial: yes, 3.3V TTL, 5-pin header, unpopulated, (115200,8,N,1), J101

WI1 module: AzureWave AW-GH321
WI1 module IF: SDIO (module)
WI1 chip1: Marvell 88W8686
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bg
WI1 antenna connector: U.FL


Additional chips
High Performance MCU;STMicro;STM32F101;;1;
2-port USB hub controller and card reader;Alcor Micro;AU6350;;1;
Stereo CODEC w/ Speaker Drivers;Wolfson;WM8961;;1;
Multi-functional Power Management Unit;TI;LM26480;;1;
Adjustable Triple Channel TFT LCD DC/DC Converter;Advanced Analog Tech;AAT1118;;1;
4-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver;TI;SN74AVC4T245;;3;
Backlight Driver IC;Microchip;MIC2287;;1;

Stock bootloader: U-Boot 2009.07

Stock FW OS: Linux 2.6.28-M2.1.8.12

TPFirmware supported: Zurk's Offline Firmware

Flags: Audio out (3.5mm), LCD screen, RTC w/ battery backup

802dot11 OUI: 00:24:23 (-, 4 W)

For a list of all currently documented Marvell chipsets with specifications, see Marvell.

Product page

Chumby Wiki

The codename for the Chumby 8 is Opus/Silvermoon.

The Chumby 8 has an 800x600 touchscreen LCD.

Zurk's Offline Firmware