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This page covers the following companies: ShareWave and Cirrus Logic.


  • 1996: ShareWave founded
  • 2001: Cirrus Logic acquires ShareWave [1]
  • 2002: Cirrus Logic exits the Wi-Fi chip business [2]

Chips and reference designs

Ordered by release date:

Before whitecap 1:

  • ShareWave SWN250A - NAMI Compression/Decompression Chip
  • ShareWave SWS260A Wireless Network Controller, used in Cresta radio module (w/ Harris/Intersil RFIC) (released in 1998)
  • ShareWave SWS261A Multimedia Device Controller
  • SWN350A NAMI Compression Chip
  • SWN351A NAMI Decompression Chip
  • ShareWave Osprey wireless PC-to-PC connection reference design
  • ShareWave Falcon wireless TV terminal reference design
  • module: SWC424A Cresta Digital Radio module - 4Mbps DSSS 2.4GHz

Whitecap 1 (not 802.11 compliant) - "Stinson" platform - "SW2000 Series":

  • ShareWave SWN2120 Wireless Network Controller - Whitecap proprietary protocol, not 802.11 compliant (MAC only, typically used with Intersil PRISM BB+RFIC)
  • ShareWave SWN2120 Wireless Network Controller (low power)
  • ShareWave SWB2510 Wireless Bridge Controller
  • ShareWave SWG2710 broadband Residential Gateway (RG) Controller
  • module: ShareWave Cresta II radio module - Whitecap protocol

Whitecap 2 (2001) "Bodega" platform/chipset - "SW2200 Series" 802.11b + Whitecap2 proprietary protocol:

  • SW2210 Wireless PCI/USB Controller
  • SW2220 Wireless PCMCIA Controller
  • SW2230 Wireless Mini PCI Controller
  • SW2250 Wireless 10BT Controller
  • SW2270 Wireless Multi-Link Controller
  • module: Cresta 3 Mini-PCI Digital Radio/ reference design

"Hermosa" Wireless LAN Platform:

  • Collaborated with Radiata on combined 802.11a+b chipset using Radiata 802.11a chipset.
  • SW5200 Series Network Controllers

After Cirrus Logic acquisition in 2001, Whitecap 2 chips were relabeled to "CS22200 Series":

  • CS22210 Wireless PCI/USB Controller
  • CS22220 Wireless PCMCIA Controller
  • CS22230 Wireless Mini PCI Controller
  • CS22250 Wireless 10BT Controller
  • CS22270 Wireless Multi-Link Controller

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