Cisco C9130AXI-B

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Cisco C9130AXI -B

FCC approval date: 13 September 2019

Type: access point

FCC ID: LDKAX5122118

Power: ? VDC, ? A

CPU1: Brand? Model?
FLA1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: none specified

WI1 802dot11 protocols: abgn+ac+ax
WI1 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI1 antenna connector: none
WI2 802dot11 protocols: an+ac+ax
WI2 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI2 antenna connector: none

ETH chip1: Brand? Model?
LAN speed: unspecified


Flags: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE

802dot11 OUI: none specified

Catalyst 9130AX Series Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

This device was under short-term confidentiality, but that expired 03/12/2020.

It looks like this device has one 4x4:4 5 GHz radio plus a selectable dual-band 4x4:4 radio. When the selectable radio is configured for 5 GHz operation the device appears to support 8x8:8 but probably only with 80 MHz channels. 160 MHz channels are supported in some configuration. Need to take a closer look at the docs and nail the specs down.

A variant of the product with model number C9130AXI-T intended for use in Taiwan