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Cisco ON100-K9 V01

(Est.) release date: July 2011
(Est.) initial retail price (in USD): $250
UPC: 882658429781 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: China

Amazon image

B005EPQDK2 (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Type: network monitor

Power: 5 VDC, 3 A
Connector type: barrel plug
PoE tag: 802.3af, standard

CPU1: Marvell 88F6282 (1.6 GHz)
FLA1: 512 MiB536,870,912 B <br />4,194,304 Kib <br />524,288 KiB <br />4,096 Mib <br />0.5 GiB <br /> (Hynix HY27UF084G2B)
RAM1: 512 MiB536,870,912 B <br />4,194,304 Kib <br />524,288 KiB <br />4,096 Mib <br />0.5 GiB <br /> (Hynix H5TQ1G83DFR-H9C × 4)

Expansion IFs: USB 2.0, SDHC
USB ports: 1
JTAG: yes, 12-pin header, unpopulated, J4
Serial: yes, 4-pin header, 3.3V TTL, (115200,8,N,1), JP1

ETH chip1: Marvell 88F6282
ETH chip2: Marvell 88E1310-NN82
ETH chip3: Marvell 88E1310-NN82
LAN speed: 1G
LAN ports: 1
WAN speed: 1G
WAN ports: 1

Additional chips
80V PoE PD Controller;National Semiconductor;LM5071;JM13AB 5071MT-50;1;
4 Pin General Purpose Photocoupler;Sharp;PC817;;1;
Bus Termination Regulator;AME Inc;AME9172M;;1;
150V N-Channel MOSFET;Vishay Siliconix;Si4848DY;;1;

Stock bootloader: U-Boot 1.1.4

Stock FW OS: Linux

TPFirmware supported: OpenWrt • (List | Dev | DLs)

Flags: RTC w/ battery backup

Default IP address: acquired via DHCP
the IP acquired via DHCP is used by 114 additional devices
of which 2 are Cisco devices

Ethernet OUI: 64:00:F1

For a list of all currently documented Marvell chipsets with specifications, see Marvell.

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