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The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA, the second configuration of Cloudmaker Tech’s modular, future-proof, user-customizable personal vaporizer. The Whiteout DNA unit comes fully-assembled & QC-tested with Evolv’s cutting-edge new customizable DNA200 Temperature Control chipset. The DNA200 can push up to 200W using a 1100mAh 3S LiPo battery configuration, and we are working on offering a 1300mAh expansion kit! The genius of the Whiteout is that you can interchange and customize every part of it, from changing the color and material of your device’s panels, to upgrading/swapping your chip itself without soldering or special skills. This future-proof flexibility is thanks to our modular design & specially-developed Build Kits, which are based on community requests and released regularly to expand the possible factory-supported configurations of the Whiteout.

Learn More About The DNA200 Board Here!

The Panel Kit for the Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA Mod can be purchased here:


1x Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA Mod

1x Bag of Extra Screws and Hex Tools

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