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These should be the latest drivers (version available for the Envara WiND 502/512 chipsets.

These drivers will support 32-bit Windows versions (should work on 2000/XP/Vista/7) and Windows 98/ME.

Download the drivers here.

USB IDs added to the driver include...

%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_0B3B&PID_1620	;ZyXEL G-200 (Tekram)
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_07B2&PID_7030	;Motorola WU830G
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_0143&PID_160F	;manuf. by ASUS
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_11EB&PID_3004	;unknown (in LevelOne WNC-0300USB driver)
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_11EB&PID_3008	;AT&T Plug and Share 6602G
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_132A&PID_1502	;generic WiND502 device
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_2821&PID_160E	;generic ASUS?
%wind502u.DeviceDesc%	= wind502u.ndi, USB\VID_2821&PID_160F	;ASUS WL-160Ge

The Envara utility is also available here, if required.