PC-Engines Alix alix3d3

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PC-Engines Alix alix3d3

Type: single-board computer

Power: 7-18 VDC, ? A
Connector type: barrel
PoE tag: non-standard

CPU1: AMD Geode LX (433-500 MHz)
FLA1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: Mini PCI, USB 2.0
Mini PCI slots: 2
USB ports: 2
Serial: yes

ETH chip1: Brand? Model?
LAN speed: unspecified

TPFirmware supported: DD-WRT • (List)

Flags: hardware watchdog, temperature sensor

Ethernet OUI: none specified

 CPU1 brandFLA1RAM1
PC-Engines Alix alix1dAMD256 MiB268,435,456 B <br />2,097,152 Kib <br />262,144 KiB <br />2,048 Mib <br />0.25 GiB <br />
PC-Engines Alix alix2d0AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix2d1AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix2d13AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix2d2AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix2d3AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix2d4AMD256 MiB268,435,456 B <br />2,097,152 Kib <br />262,144 KiB <br />2,048 Mib <br />0.25 GiB <br />
PC-Engines Alix alix2d5AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix3d1AMD
PC-Engines Alix alix3d2AMD
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For a list of all currently documented AMD chipsets with specifications, see AMD.

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