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previous version

There seems to be no US version prior to V3, but there are CN, AU, EU, and UK previous versions. All seems to sport the same CPU and Wifi chipsets.

To my knowledge:

  • V1.0 seems to be CN and EU only. 2 Mbytes flash and 8 Mbytes RAM
  • V1.2 is (was?) commonly available in UK and AU. 2 Mbytes flash (cFeon QH16-104HIP 320157A3 1521 EDA) and 8 Mbytes RAM (ESMT M12L64164A - ANY1P4C4C). different PCB layout.
  • V2.0 is EU & UK update, with again different PCB layout, 1 Mbyte flash (unknow manuf HH1703 25Q80CSIG APQN328) and 64 Mbytes RAM (ESMT M13S5121632A - AZS1M60NF)
  • V3.0 (not seen)
  • V4.0 (not seen)