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Although the FCC photos for this device are illegible. I believe that the CPU most closely resembles that of the Cisco ISB7105. Notice the relative widths of each line. I looked at many QT3840BC chips and a majority had "-ES" appended (engineering samples?) or actually had "BC" at the end. Some QT2018BC chips also had "-ES" at the end. This would suggest that the QT2018BC actually is 4-stream capable since this device is sold as 5GHz only N600. It doesn't make sense for ZyXEL to take 802.11ac capable hardware like the QT3840BC and cripple it to only support an. I did some digging through what literature I could still find on the Quantenna QHS610 and QHS710 chipsets and they only ever seem to claim that they are 4x4 MIMO or support "up to four streams". I think that any chipset using the QT2518B is four-stream capable. --Dave (talk) 23:45, 18 June 2017 (EDT)