Broadcom BCM943162ZP

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Broadcom BCM943162 ZP
Availability: reference design

Manuf (OEM/ODM): Foxconn T77H542 .00

FCC approval date: 13 February 2014
Country of manuf.: China

Interface: NGFF

Connector: M.2
Form factor tags: 2230

ID: 14e4:43ae (1 addl. devices)
Windows: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_43AE

IC ID: 4234A-BRCM1075

WI1 chip1: Broadcom BCM43162

Antenna connector: MHF4

abgn+ac, 1x1:1

Flags: bluetooth 4.0

OUI: 14:2D:27 (-, 3 W)

Foxconn T77H542.00QDS-BRCM1075

For a list of all currently documented Broadcom chipsets with specifications, see Broadcom.

802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN + Bluetooth 4.0 NGFF 2230 Mini Card

The product name within the FCC test report.

Based on Broadcom's naming scheme, this device is assumed to be using BCM43162.

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Foxconn T77H542.00 P000-00000103
Lenovo PN:20-200573 (Lenovo IdeaPad)
FRU PN:04X6019 (Lenovo ThinkPad)
EC NO:637116
List of PCIe / NGFF devices
While doing some research for BrcmPatchRAM I came across 
a list of PCIe / NGFF devices.

Knowing that more people now are looking for compatible PCIe /
 Mini-PCIe / NGFF devices for OS X, here is what I found:

All known current NGFF wifi devices can be found using a wikidev query:

PCIe / Mini PCIe Broadcom devices based on BCM4360 (Compatible with OS X):

Mini PCIe (half) Broadcom devices based on BCM43224 (Compatible with OS X):

Mini PCIe (half) Broadcom devices based on BCM943225 (Compatible with OS X):

PCIe / Mini PCIe / Mini PCIe (half) / NGFF Broadcom devices based on BCM4352 
(Compatible with OS X):

3 Broadcom WiFi chips are present in NGFF devices only:

BCM4352 [14e4:43b1] (Supported through Toleda's efforts, 2x2:2 867Mbps)
BCM4356 [14e4:43ec] (Unknown, very new chip, abgn+ac, 2x2:2 - 867Mbps)
BCM43162 (Unknown, very new chip 2014-Feb, abgn+ac, 1x1:1 - 433Mbps)

​Regarding Wifi & Bluetooth Combo the following devices are at least known:


    [0930:0223] 20702A1 Toshiba 4352 NGFF
    [0489:e07a] Lenovo China 4352+20702 NGFF
    [0a5c:216b] HP Rapture 4352z ngff combo


    [0930:0229] 43162 combo NGFF
    [0a5c:216e] HP Blackbird 43162 NGFF
    [0489:e079] Lenovo China 43162 NGFF

Unknown (BCM43142, Unknown support)

    [13d3:3427] Toshiba 43142 combo NGFF
    [0930:0225] Toshiba 43142 combo NGFF
    [0930:0226] Toshiba 43142 combo NGFF
    [0a5c:2167] BRCM Generic 43142Y (NGFF)
    [0a5c:216d] HP Hornet 43142Y NGFF Combo
    [185f:2167] Lenovo China_BCM43142A0_1.1.11.197_NGFF

Unknown (BCM43228, not supported in OS X)

    [04ca:200e] Liteon 43228 NGFF Combo
    [0489:e087] Acer 43228 NGFF Combo module

Note that the vendor / device id's are for Bluetooth. 
I am not sure of the corresponding ID's for the associated WiFi devices. 
    [0930:0229] 43162 combo NGFF
    [0a5c:216e] HP Blackbird 43162 NGFF
    [0489:e079] Lenovo China 43162 NGFF