List of Wi-Fi Device IDs in Linux

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Wi-Fi devices recognized by the Linux kernel. For a detailed list of supported USB adapters
and their properties, see: DNI:USB WiFi adapters w/ probable Linux support.

Only IDs mentioned in /drivers/net/wireless are listed here.

Other drivers, such as drivers from /drivers/staging or drivers not currently in the kernel such
as 3rd-party drivers on github, vendor drivers, ndis-wrapper drivers etc... are not listed here.

See List of Wi-Fi Device IDs in Linux K26 (2.6.12-2.6.29) and List of Wi-Fi Device IDs in Linux (2.6.30-5.2)



First seen
kernel version

First seen
kernel date

Chipsets /


USB_0b05_1833 v4.19 2018-10-22 ASUS USB-AC54 mt76
USB_0b05_180b v4.19 2018-10-22 ASUS USB-N53 B1 mt76
USB_0b05_17eb v4.19 2018-10-22 ASUS USB-AC55 mt76
USB_0b05_17db v4.19 2018-10-22 ASUS USB-AC50 mt76
USB_0b05_17d1 v4.19 2018-10-22 ASUS USB-AC51 mt76
PCI_1b4b_2b42 v4.10 2017-02-19 Marvell 88W8997 mwlwifi
PCI_11ab_2b40 v4.10 2017-02-19 Marvell 88W8964 mwlwifi
PCI_11ab_2b38 v4.10 2017-02-19 Marvell 88W8897 (2 Devices) mwlwifi
PCI_11ab_2a55 v4.10 2017-02-19 Marvell 88W8864 mwlwifi
SDIO_02d0_4356 v4.7-rc1 2016-05-29 unknown brcmfmac
PCI_8086_2526 v4.7-rc1 2016-05-29 Intel (5 Devices) iwlwifi
USB_0bda_b720 v4.6 2016-05-15 Realtek RTL8723BU (Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter) rtl8xxxu
USB_0bda_818b v4.6 2016-05-15 Realtek RTL8192EU Wireless 802.11n 2x2 USB 2.0 (2 Devices) rtl8xxxu
USB_0930_0a08 v4.6 2016-05-15 Toshiba WLM-20U2 ath9k_htc
USB_0411_01fd v4.6 2016-05-15 Buffalo WLI-UC-G450 rt2800usb
USB_043e_3101 v4.5 2016-03-14 LG AN-WF500 brcmfmac
PCI_8086_9df0 v4.5 2016-03-14 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560 (9560D2W) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_24fd v4.5 2016-03-14 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 (8265NGW) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_24fb v4.5 2016-03-14 Intel iwlwifi
PCI_14e4_43ef v4.5 2016-03-14 Broadcom BCM4359 802.11ac Wireless PCIE Full Dongle Adapter brcmfmac
USB_1286_2052 v4.5 2016-03-14 Marvell 88W8997 mwifiex_usb
USB_cdab_8010 v4.4 2016-01-10 rtl8xxxu
USB_2001_330b v4.4 2016-01-10 D-Link DWA-123 rev C1 rtl8xxxu
USB_1058_0631 v4.4 2016-01-10 Western rtl8xxxu
USB_0bda_8724 v4.4 2016-01-10 Realtek rtl8xxxu
USB_0bda_2e2e v4.4 2016-01-10 Realtek rtl8xxxu
USB_0bda_1e1e v4.4 2016-01-10 Realtek rtl8xxxu
USB_0bda_1724 v4.4 2016-01-10 Realtek RTL8723AU 802.11n WLAN Adapter rtl8xxxu
USB_0bda_0724 v4.4 2016-01-10 Realtek rtl8xxxu
USB_0789_016d v4.4 2016-01-10 Logitec rtl8xxxu
USB_06f8_e035 v4.4 2016-01-10 Guillemot rtl8xxxu
USB_04bb_0950 v4.4 2016-01-10 I-O Data Device rtl8xxxu
USB_04bb_094c v4.4 2016-01-10 I-O Data Device rtl8xxxu
PCI_168c_0042 v4.4 2016-01-10 Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (7 Devices) ath10k
PCI_14e4_440d v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM94371ZAE -
PCI_14e4_43cc v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4365 (5GHz device) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43cb v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4365 (2.4GHz device) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43ca v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4365 brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43c5 v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4366 (5GHz device) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43c4 v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4366 (2.4GHz device) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43c3 v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4366 802.11ac Wireless PCIE Full Dongle Adapter (2 Devices) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43a3 v4.4 2016-01-10 Broadcom BCM4350 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (3 Devices) brcmfmac
USB_1b75_3070 v4.3 2015-11-02 OvisLink AirLive WN-300USB rt2800usb
USB_1286_204e v4.3 2015-11-02 Marvell 88W8997 mwifiex_usb
USB_1286_204d v4.3 2015-11-02 Marvell -
USB_0846_9043 v4.3 2015-11-02 Netgear WNA1000Mv2 rtl8192cu
SDIO_02df_9141 v4.3 2015-11-02 unknown mwifiex_sdio
PCI_168c_0041 v4.3 2015-11-02 Qualcomm Atheros QCNFA34AC ath10k
PCI_168c_0040 v4.3 2015-11-02 Qualcomm QCA9980/9990 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (2 Devices) ath10k
PCI_11ab_2b42 v4.3 2015-11-02 Marvell W8997-M1216 mwifiex_pci
USB_7392_7710 v4.2 2015-08-30 Edimax EW-7711UAn v2 mt7601u
USB_2a5f_1000 v4.2 2015-08-30 mt7601u
USB_2955_1001 v4.2 2015-08-30 mt7601u
USB_2955_0001 v4.2 2015-08-30 mt7601u
USB_2717_4106 v4.2 2015-08-30 mt7601u
USB_2001_3d04 v4.2 2015-08-30 D-Link DWA-127 rev B1 mt7601u
USB_148f_760d v4.2 2015-08-30 Ralink mt7601u
USB_148f_760c v4.2 2015-08-30 Ralink mt7601u
USB_148f_760b v4.2 2015-08-30 Ralink MT7601U Wireless Adapter mt7601u
USB_148f_760a v4.2 2015-08-30 Ralink mt7601u
USB_148f_7601 v4.2 2015-08-30 Ralink MT7601U Wireless Adapter (4 Devices) mt7601u
USB_13d3_3434 v4.2 2015-08-30 AzureWave (IMC) mt7601u
USB_13d3_3431 v4.2 2015-08-30 AzureWave (IMC) mt7601u
USB_0e8d_760b v4.2 2015-08-30 MediaTek mt7601u
USB_0e8d_760a v4.2 2015-08-30 MediaTek mt7601u
USB_0b05_17d3 v4.2 2015-08-30 ASUS USB-N10 v2 mt7601u
PCI_14e4_aa52 v4.2 2015-08-30 Broadcom BCM943602BAED brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43e9 v4.2 2015-08-30 Broadcom BCM94358WLPCIEBT brcmfmac
USB_2001_3c25 v4.1 2015-06-22 D-Link rt2800usb
USB_2001_330d v4.1 2015-06-22 D-Link DWA-131 rev B1 rtl8192cu
USB_0b05_17ba v4.1 2015-06-22 ASUS USB-N10 Nano rtl8192cu
USB_0471_209e v4.1 2015-06-22 Philips PTA01 ath9k_htc
SDIO_02d0_a9a6 v4.1 2015-06-22 AMPAK AP6212 brcmfmac
SDIO_02d0_4345 v4.1 2015-06-22 unknown brcmfmac
USB_1286_204a v4.0 2015-04-12 Marvell 88W8801 mwifiex_usb
USB_1286_2049 v4.0 2015-04-12 Marvell 88W8801 mwifiex_usb
SDIO_02df_9139 v4.0 2015-04-12 unknown mwifiex_sdio
SDIO_02d0_a94d v4.0 2015-04-12 unknown brcmfmac
SDIO_02d0_a94c v4.0 2015-04-12 AMPAK AP6234A brcmfmac
PCI_8086_3166 v4.0 2015-04-12 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Plus Bluetooth iwlwifi
PCI_8086_24f6 v4.0 2015-04-12 Intel iwlwifi
PCI_8086_24f5 v4.0 2015-04-12 Intel iwlwifi
PCI_168c_003e v4.0 2015-04-12 Qualcomm QCA6174 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (19 Devices) ath10k
USB_1286_2042 v3.19 2015-02-09 GlobalScale GTI WIFI II mwifiex_usb
USB_1286_2041 v3.19 2015-02-09 Marvell 88W8766 mwifiex_usb
PCI_14e4_43bc v3.19 2015-02-09 Broadcom BCM43602 (5GHz device) 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43bb v3.19 2015-02-09 Broadcom BCM43602 (2.4GHz device) 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC brcmfmac
USB_1b75_a200 v3.18 2014-12-07 Ovislink AirLive WN-200USB wireless 11b/g/n dongle rt2800usb
SDIO_02df_9135 v3.18 2014-12-07 Marvell 88W8887 (2 Devices) mwifiex_sdio
SDIO_0271_0402 v3.18 2014-12-07 unknown ath6kl_sdio
PCI_1ae9_0302 v3.18 2014-12-07 Wilocity Wil6200 802.11ad Wireless Network Adapter wil6210
PCI_10ec_8821 v3.18 2014-12-07 Realtek RTL8821AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter (3 Devices) rtl8821ae
PCI_10ec_8812 v3.18 2014-12-07 Realtek RTL8812AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter (10 Devices) rtl8821ae
PCI_10ec_818b v3.18 2014-12-07 Realtek RTL8192EE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter rtl8192ee
USB_0df6_0078 v3.17 2014-10-05 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0070 v3.17 2014-10-05 Sitecom WLA-2102 rtl8192cu
USB_0cf3_9375 v3.17 2014-10-05 Atheros AR9374 ath6kl_usb
USB_0b05_17e8 v3.17 2014-10-05 ASUS USB-N14 rt2800usb
USB_0a5c_bd27 v3.17 2014-10-05 Broadcom -
USB_0411_0253 v3.17 2014-10-05 Buffalo rt2800usb
PCI_8086_3165 v3.17 2014-10-05 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 (3165NGW) iwlwifi
PCI_1ae9_0310 v3.17 2014-10-05 Wilocity Wil6200 802.11ad Wireless Network Adapter wil6210
PCI_14e4_43ec v3.17 2014-10-05 Broadcom BCM4356 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (3 Devices) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43df v3.17 2014-10-05 Broadcom BCM4354 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43d9 v3.17 2014-10-05 Arcadyan WN8722BTA-AC brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43d3 v3.17 2014-10-05 Broadcom BCM43567 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_43ba v3.17 2014-10-05 Broadcom BCM43602 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC (4 Devices) brcmfmac
PCI_14e4_4351 v3.17 2014-10-05 Foxconn 95.0343T01 ssb
PCI_11ab_2b38 v3.17 2014-10-05 Marvell 88W8897 (Avastar) (2 Devices) mwifiex_pci
PCI_11ab_2b30 v3.17 2014-10-05 Marvell 88W8766P (Avastar) mwifiex_pci
USB_0411_0197 v3.15 2014-06-08 Buffalo WLI-UV-AG300P ath9k_htc
USB_041b_9330 v3.15 2014-06-08 Redpine Signals - d'TV rsi_usb
USB_041b_0301 v3.15 2014-06-08 Redpine Signals - d'TV rsi_usb
USB_041b_0201 v3.15 2014-06-08 Redpine Signals - d'TV rsi_usb
USB_0303_0100 v3.15 2014-06-08 Redpine Signals - Mini Automation Controller rsi_usb
SDIO_041b_9330 v3.15 2014-06-08 unknown rsi_sdio
SDIO_041b_0301 v3.15 2014-06-08 unknown rsi_sdio
SDIO_041b_0201 v3.15 2014-06-08 unknown rsi_sdio
SDIO_0303_0100 v3.15 2014-06-08 unknown rsi_sdio
SDIO_02d0_4354 v3.15 2014-06-08 unknown brcmfmac
PCI_8086_24f4 v3.15 2014-06-08 Intel Wireless 8260 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_24f3 v3.15 2014-06-08 Intel Wireless 8260 (2 Devices) iwlwifi
PCI_10ec_b723 v3.15 2014-06-08 Realtek RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter (4 Devices) rtl8723be
PCI_10ec_8199 v3.15 2014-06-08 Realtek RTL8187SE Wireless LAN Controller (4 Devices) rtl818x_pci
USB_2001_3317 v3.14 2014-03-31 D-Link DWA-137 rt2800usb
USB_129b_160b v3.14 2014-03-31 Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 108 (S30853-S1031-R351) ar5523
USB_1286_2046 v3.14 2014-03-31 Marvell (NFC) nfcmrvl_usb
USB_1286_2045 v3.14 2014-03-31 Marvell -
USB_0df6_0077 v3.14 2014-03-31 Sitecom rtl8192cu
SDIO_02d0_a962 v3.14 2014-03-31 Broadcom BCM43362 (6 Devices) brcmfmac
USB_20f4_724a v3.13 2014-01-20 TRENDnet rt2800usb
USB_2019_ab29 v3.13 2014-01-20 Planex GW-USMicro300 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c23 v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link GO-USB-N300 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c22 v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link DWA-132 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c21 v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link DWA-160 rev C1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c20 v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link DWA-140 rev D1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c1f v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link DWA-162 rev A1 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_006e v3.13 2014-01-20 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0846_9013 v3.13 2014-01-20 Netgear rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3a08 v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link WUA-2340 rev A1 ar5523
USB_07d1_3a07 v3.13 2014-01-20 D-Link WUA-2340 RangeBooster G Adapter(rev.A) (Atheros AR5523) ar5523
USB_0789_0170 v3.13 2014-01-20 Logitec LAN-W300AN/U2 rt2800usb
USB_0411_0241 v3.13 2014-01-20 Buffalo WI-U2-300D rt2800usb
PCI_8086_095b v3.13 2014-01-20 Intel Wireless 7265 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_095a v3.13 2014-01-20 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (7265NGW) iwlwifi
USB_7392_7733 v3.12 2013-11-03 Edimax EW-7733UnD rt2800usb
USB_2019_ed19 v3.12 2013-11-03 Planex GW-USDual450 rt2800usb
USB_1b75_7733 v3.12 2013-11-03 Ovislink rt2800usb
USB_148f_f301 v3.12 2013-11-03 Ralink rt2800usb
USB_148f_3573 v3.12 2013-11-03 Ralink RT3573 Wireless Adapter (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_13b1_003b v3.12 2013-11-03 Linksys AE3000 rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0021 v3.12 2013-11-03 Hawking HD45U rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0020 v3.12 2013-11-03 Hawking HWUN4 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_006a v3.12 2013-11-03 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0067 v3.12 2013-11-03 Sitecom WLA-6000 rt2800usb
USB_0b05_17bc v3.12 2013-11-03 ASUSTek rt2800usb
USB_0b05_17ad v3.12 2013-11-03 ASUS USB-N66 rt2800usb
USB_0846_9019 v3.12 2013-11-03 Netgear rt2800usb
USB_0846_9012 v3.12 2013-11-03 Netgear WNDA4100 rt2800usb
USB_07aa_0020 v3.12 2013-11-03 Corega CG-WLUSB2GTST p54usb
USB_0789_016b v3.12 2013-11-03 Logitec LAN-W450AN/U2 rt2800usb
USB_0586_3421 v3.12 2013-11-03 ZyXEL NWD2705 rt2800usb
USB_050d_1103 v3.12 2013-11-03 Belkin F9L1103 rt2800usb
USB_04bb_094e v3.12 2013-11-03 I-O DATA WN-AG450U rt2800usb
USB_0411_01a8 v3.12 2013-11-03 Buffalo WLI-UC-G300HP-V1 rt2800usb
USB_2357_0100 v3.11 2013-09-02 TP-LINK TL-WN8200ND rtl8192cu
SDIO_02df_912d v3.11 2013-09-02 unknown mwifiex_sdio
SDIO_0020_2280 v3.11 2013-09-02 unknown cw1200_wlan_sdio
PCI_8086_08b4 v3.11 2013-09-02 Intel Wireless 3160 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_08b2 v3.11 2013-09-02 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 (7260HMWDTX1) iwlwifi
PCI_168c_abcd v3.11 2013-09-02 Qualcomm -
PCI_168c_003c v3.11 2013-09-02 Qualcomm QCA986x/988x 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (4 Devices) ath10k
USB_2001_3c1a v3.10 2013-06-30 D-Link DWA-160 rev B2 rt2800usb
USB_148f_5572 v3.10 2013-06-30 Ralink RT5572 Wireless Adapter (6 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_0846_f001 v3.10 2013-06-30 On Networks (Netgear) N300MA rtl8192cu
USB_057c_8501 v3.10 2013-06-30 AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N v2 rt2800usb
USB_043e_7a13 v3.10 2013-06-30 LG rt2800usb
SDIO_02d0_a887 v3.10 2013-06-30 unknown brcmfmac
SDIO_02d0_4335 v3.10 2013-06-30 AMPAK AP6335 brcmfmac
PCI_11ab_2b36 v3.10 2013-06-30 Marvell 88W8764 (Avastar) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
PCI_10ec_8179 v3.10 2013-06-30 Realtek RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter rtl8188ee
USB_f201_5370 v3.9 2013-04-29 rt2800usb
USB_177f_0324 v3.9 2013-04-29 Sweex rt2800usb
USB_177f_0254 v3.9 2013-04-29 Sweex rt2800usb
USB_177f_0165 v3.9 2013-04-29 Sweex LW165 rt2800usb
USB_177f_0164 v3.9 2013-04-29 Sweex LW164 rt2800usb
USB_177f_0163 v3.9 2013-04-29 Sweex LW163 rt2800usb
USB_1740_0602 v3.9 2013-04-29 Senao rt2800usb
USB_1740_0600 v3.9 2013-04-29 EnGenius EUB600 v1 rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3401 v3.9 2013-04-29 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3400 v3.9 2013-04-29 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3399 v3.9 2013-04-29 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3340 v3.9 2013-04-29 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_0df6_006f v3.9 2013-04-29 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0069 v3.9 2013-04-29 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0bda_819a v3.9 2013-04-29 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0b05_17a7 v3.9 2013-04-29 ASUSTek rt2800usb
USB_083a_4531 v3.9 2013-04-29 T-Com Sinus 154 data II p54usb
USB_06f8_e036 v3.9 2013-04-29 Guillemot Hercules HWDB-600 rt2800usb
USB_0471_2182 v3.9 2013-04-29 Philips rt2800usb
USB_0471_2181 v3.9 2013-04-29 Philips rt2800usb
USB_0471_2180 v3.9 2013-04-29 Philips rt2800usb
USB_0471_2126 v3.9 2013-04-29 Lite-On WN4627R rt2800usb
USB_043e_7a42 v3.9 2013-04-29 LG rt2800usb
USB_043e_7a32 v3.9 2013-04-29 LG rt2800usb
PCI_8086_08b3 v3.9 2013-04-29 Intel Wireless 3160 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_08b1 v3.9 2013-04-29 Intel Wireless 7260 (3 Devices) iwlwifi
PCI_1814_359f v3.9 2013-04-29 Ralink RT3592 PCIe Wireless Network Adapter rt2800pci
PCI_11ab_2a42 v3.9 2013-04-29 Marvell 88W8366 (TopDog) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
PCI_11ab_2a41 v3.9 2013-04-29 Marvell 88W8366 (TopDog) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
USB_2001_3c1e v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWA-125 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3a05 v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWL-AG122 ar5523
USB_2001_3a04 v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWL-AG122 (Atheros AR5523) ar5523
USB_2001_3a03 v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWL-G132 rev A1 ar5523
USB_2001_3a02 v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWL-G132 (Atheros AR5523) ar5523
USB_2001_3a01 v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWL-AG132 (no firmware) (Atheros AR5523) (2 Devices) ar5523
USB_2001_3a00 v3.8 2013-02-18 D-Link DWL-AG132 (Atheros AR5523) ar5523
USB_177f_0323 v3.8 2013-02-18 Sweex LW323 rt2800usb
USB_16ab_7812 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_16ab_7811 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 ar5523
USB_16ab_7802 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_16ab_7801 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 ar5523
USB_1690_0713 v3.8 2013-02-18 Askey AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_1690_0712 v3.8 2013-02-18 Askey AR5523 ar5523
USB_1690_0711 v3.8 2013-02-18 Askey SMCWUSBT-G (no firmware) ar5523
USB_1690_0710 v3.8 2013-02-18 Askey SMCWUSBT-G ar5523
USB_168c_0002 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_168c_0001 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 ar5523
USB_157e_3206 v3.8 2013-02-18 TRENDnet Allnet ALL0283 (AR5523) (no firmware) ar5523
USB_157e_3205 v3.8 2013-02-18 TRENDnet TEW-504UB ar5523
USB_157e_3007 v3.8 2013-02-18 TRENDnet TEW-444UB ar5523
USB_157e_3006 v3.8 2013-02-18 TRENDnet TEW-444UB EU (TRENDnet) ar5523
USB_1435_0829 v3.8 2013-02-18 Wistron AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_1435_0828 v3.8 2013-02-18 Wistron AR5523 ar5523
USB_1435_0827 v3.8 2013-02-18 Wistron AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_1435_0826 v3.8 2013-02-18 Wistron AR5523 ar5523
USB_1385_5f03 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear ar5523
USB_1385_5f02 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WPN111 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_1385_5f01 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WPN111 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_1385_5f00 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WPN111 RangeMax Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter ar5523
USB_1385_4251 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WG111T ar5523
USB_1385_4250 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WG111T ar5523
USB_129b_160d v3.8 2013-02-18 CyberTAN ar5523
USB_129b_160c v3.8 2013-02-18 Siemens Gigaset USB Stick 108 (S30853-S1038-R351) ar5523
USB_0d8e_7812 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_0d8e_7811 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 ar5523
USB_0d8e_7803 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global ar5523
USB_0d8e_7802 v3.8 2013-02-18 Global AR5523 (no firmware) (2 Devices) ar5523
USB_0d8e_7801 v3.8 2013-02-18 Bandridge CWN4102 ar5523
USB_0cf3_0006 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_0cf3_0005 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 ar5523
USB_0cf3_0004 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 (no firmware) ar5523
USB_0cf3_0003 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 ar5523
USB_0cf3_0002 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 (no firmware) (7 Devices) ar5523
USB_0cf3_0001 v3.8 2013-02-18 Atheros AR5523 (3 Devices) ar5523
USB_0cde_0013 v3.8 2013-02-18 Z-Com AR5523 driver (no firmware) ar5523
USB_0cde_0012 v3.8 2013-02-18 Z-Com AR5523 ar5523
USB_0846_5f01 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear ar5523
USB_0846_5f00 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WPN111 ar5523
USB_0846_4301 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WG111U ar5523
USB_0846_4300 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear WG111U Double 108Mbps Wireless (Atheros AR5004X / AR5005UX) ar5523
USB_0846_4251 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear ar5523
USB_0846_4250 v3.8 2013-02-18 Netgear ar5523
USB_083a_4503 v3.8 2013-02-18 Accton -
USB_0803_4310 v3.8 2013-02-18 Zoom 4410a p54usb
USB_0675_0530 v3.8 2013-02-18 DrayTek Vigor 530 p54usb
PCI_1ae9_0301 v3.8 2013-02-18 Wilocity Wil6200 802.11ad Wireless Network Adapter -
PCI_14e4_4350 v3.8 2013-02-18 Broadcom BCM43222 Wireless Network Adapter ssb
PCI_10ec_8723 v3.8 2013-02-18 AzureWave AW-NB114H rtl8723ae
USB_0cf3_b002 v3.7 2012-12-11 Ubiquiti Networks WiFiStation ath9k_htc
USB_0a5c_bd1f v3.7 2012-12-11 Broadcom -
USB_0a5c_bd1e v3.7 2012-12-11 Broadcom -
USB_050d_11f2 v3.7 2012-12-11 ISY IWL 2000 rtl8192cu
SDIO_02d0_4324 v3.7 2012-12-11 Broadcom BCM943241NG1630 brcmfmac
PCI_168c_0036 v3.7 2012-12-11 Qualcomm QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (10 Devices) ath9k
USB_0411_01ee v3.6 2012-09-30 Buffalo WLI-UC-GNM2 rt2800usb
SDIO_02d0_4334 v3.6 2012-09-30 unknown brcmfmac
PCI_1814_5360 v3.6 2012-09-30 Ralink RT5360 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R (2 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3290 v3.6 2012-09-30 Ralink RT3290 Reference Design rt2800pci
PCI_168c_0037 v3.6 2012-09-30 Qualcomm AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (2 Devices) ath9k
PCI_14e4_432c v3.6 2012-09-30 Broadcom BCM4322 802.11b/g/n (2 Devices) ssb
PCI_1432_7106 v3.6 2012-09-30 Edimax rtl818x_pci
PCI_1186_3301 v3.6 2012-09-30 D-Link rtl818x_pci
USB_4856_0091 v3.5 2012-07-21 rtl8192cu
USB_2001_3c1d v3.5 2012-07-21 D-Link DWA-123 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c1c v3.5 2012-07-21 D-Link GO-USB-N150 rt2800usb
USB_1eda_2210 v3.5 2012-07-21 AirTies Air 2210 rt2800usb
USB_1690_0764 v3.5 2012-07-21 Askey rt2800usb
USB_1286_2044 v3.5 2012-07-21 Marvell 88W8797 mwifiex_usb
USB_1286_2043 v3.5 2012-07-21 Marvell 88W8797 mwifiex_usb
USB_0df6_0068 v3.5 2012-07-21 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0066 v3.5 2012-07-21 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0065 v3.5 2012-07-21 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0bda_8186 v3.5 2012-07-21 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_5088 v3.5 2012-07-21 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_083a_b511 v3.5 2012-07-21 Accton rt2800usb
USB_050d_1004 v3.5 2012-07-21 Belkin F9L1004 rtl8192cu
USB_04da_3904 v3.5 2012-07-21 Panasonic N5HBZ0000055 ath9k_htc
USB_0471_20dd v3.5 2012-07-21 Philips rt2800usb
SDIO_02df_9116 v3.5 2012-07-21 unknown mwifiex_sdio
PCI_1814_539b v3.5 2012-07-21 Ralink RT5390 Reference Design rt2800pci
PCI_1814_5392 v3.5 2012-07-21 D-Link DWA-548 rev A1 rt2800pci
PCI_1814_5362 v3.5 2012-07-21 Netis WF-2118 rt2800pci
PCI_168c_ff1b v3.5 2012-07-21 Qualcomm AR2425 Wireless Network Adapter (AR5007EG 802.11bg) ath5k
PCI_14e4_a8d6 v3.5 2012-07-21 Broadcom ssb
PCI_14e4_4322 v3.5 2012-07-21 Broadcom BCM4322 802.11bgn Wireless Network Controller ssb
USB_2001_3c1b v3.4 2012-05-20 D-Link DWA-127 rev A1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c19 v3.4 2012-05-20 D-Link DWA-125 rev A3 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c15 v3.4 2012-05-20 D-Link DWA-140 rev B3 rt2800usb
USB_0cf3_9374 v3.4 2012-05-20 Atheros ath6kl_usb
USB_0a5c_bd17 v3.4 2012-05-20 Broadcom BCM43236 802.11abgn Wireless Adapter (2 Devices) -
USB_0a5c_0bdc v3.4 2012-05-20 Broadcom -
USB_04da_23f6 v3.4 2012-05-20 Panasonic rt2800usb
USB_04da_1801 v3.4 2012-05-20 Panasonic rt2800usb
USB_04da_1800 v3.4 2012-05-20 Panasonic DY-WL10 rt2800usb
USB_0471_2104 v3.4 2012-05-20 Philips rt2800usb
USB_043e_7a22 v3.4 2012-05-20 LG rt2800usb
USB_043e_7a12 v3.4 2012-05-20 LG rt2800usb
USB_20f4_624d v3.3 2012-03-18 TRENDnet TEW-624UB rev D1 rtl8192cu
USB_2019_ab2e v3.3 2012-03-18 PLANEX rtl8192cu
USB_2019_4902 v3.3 2012-03-18 PLANEX rtl8192cu
USB_2019_1201 v3.3 2012-03-18 PLANEX rtl8192cu
USB_1690_0761 v3.3 2012-03-18 Askey rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0019 v3.3 2012-03-18 Hawking HWDN3 rtl8192cu
USB_0df6_0061 v3.3 2012-03-18 Sitecom WLA-4001 rtl8192cu
USB_0df6_005c v3.3 2012-03-18 Sitecom rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_818a v3.3 2012-03-18 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_8178 v3.3 2012-03-18 Realtek RTL8192CU 802.11n WLAN Adapter (8 Devices) rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_317f v3.3 2012-03-18 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_018a v3.3 2012-03-18 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0b05_17ab v3.3 2012-03-18 ASUS USB-N13 rev B1 rtl8192cu
USB_0846_9021 v3.3 2012-03-18 Netgear WNA3100M rtl8192cu
USB_050d_2103 v3.3 2012-03-18 Belkin F7D2102 rtl8192cu
USB_050d_2102 v3.3 2012-03-18 Belkin rtl8192cu
USB_04f2_affc v3.3 2012-03-18 Chicony rtl8192cu
USB_04f2_affb v3.3 2012-03-18 Chicony rtl8192cu
USB_04f2_affa v3.3 2012-03-18 Chicony rtl8192cu
USB_04f2_aff9 v3.3 2012-03-18 Chicony rtl8192cu
USB_04f2_aff8 v3.3 2012-03-18 Chicony rtl8192cu
USB_04f2_aff7 v3.3 2012-03-18 Chicony rtl8192cu
SDIO_02df_9129 v3.3 2012-03-18 unknown mwifiex_sdio
SDIO_02d0_4330 v3.3 2012-03-18 Broadcom BCM4330 (2 Devices) brcmfmac
SDIO_0271_0401 v3.3 2012-03-18 ath6kl_sdio
SDIO_0271_0400 v3.3 2012-03-18 ath6kl_sdio
USB_057c_8403 v3.2 2012-01-04 AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick v2 ath9k_htc
USB_0411_0158 v3.2 2012-01-04 Buffalo WLI-UC-GNHP rt2800usb
SDIO_02d0_4329 v3.2 2012-01-04 Rockchip RK901 -
SDIO_0271_0301 v3.2 2012-01-04 Dell Wireless 1535C (DW1535C) ath6kl_sdio
SDIO_0271_0300 v3.2 2012-01-04 ath6kl_sdio
PCI_1814_539a v3.2 2012-01-04 Ralink rt2800pci
PCI_168c_0034 v3.2 2012-01-04 Qualcomm AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter (18 Devices) ath9k
PCI_168c_0033 v3.2 2012-01-04 Qualcomm AR9580 Wireless Network Adapter (7 Devices) ath9k
PCI_14e4_4727 v3.2 2012-01-04 Broadcom BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (9 Devices) bcma
PCI_14e4_4357 v3.2 2012-01-04 Broadcom BCM43225 802.11b/g/n (3 Devices) bcma
PCI_14e4_4353 v3.2 2012-01-04 Broadcom BCM43224 802.11a/b/g/n (6 Devices) bcma
PCI_14e4_0576 v3.2 2012-01-04 Gemtek WMIB-275N (Lenovo) bcma
USB_9846_9041 v3.1 2011-10-24 rtl8192cu
USB_4855_0091 v3.1 2011-10-24 Memorex rtl8192cu
USB_4855_0090 v3.1 2011-10-24 Memorex rtl8192cu
USB_13d3_3359 v3.1 2011-10-24 AzureWave (IMC) rtl8192cu
USB_13d3_3358 v3.1 2011-10-24 AzureWave (IMC) rtl8192cu
USB_13d3_3357 v3.1 2011-10-24 AzureWave (IMC) rtl8192cu
USB_0fe9_b307 v3.1 2011-10-24 DVICO rt2800usb
USB_0bda_817f v3.1 2011-10-24 ALFA Network AWUS036NHR v1 rtl8xxxu
USB_050d_945b v3.1 2011-10-24 Belkin F7D1101 v2 rt2800usb
USB_0411_017f v3.1 2011-10-24 Sony UWA-BR100 ath9k_htc
USB_0411_00e6 v3.1 2011-10-24 Buffalo WLI-U2-G54HG rt73usb
PCI_1814_539f v3.1 2011-10-24 Ralink RT5390 (802.11 b/g/n 1T1R G-band PCI Express Single Chip) rt2800pci
PCI_10ec_8193 v3.1 2011-10-24 Realtek RTL8192DE Wireless LAN Controller rtl8192de
PCI_10ec_002b v3.1 2011-10-24 Realtek rtl8192de
USB_7392_7722 v3.0 2011-07-22 Edimax EW-7722UTn v1 rt2800usb
USB_2001_3c17 v3.0 2011-07-22 D-Link DWA-123 rev A1 rt2800usb
USB_1eda_2012 v3.0 2011-07-22 AirTies Air2210 54 Mbps Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_15a9_0012 v3.0 2011-07-22 Airlink101 AWLL7025 rt2800usb
USB_157e_3013 v3.0 2011-07-22 TRENDnet TEW-645UB rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c2c v3.0 2011-07-22 Keebox W150NU rt2800usb
USB_148f_f101 v3.0 2011-07-22 Ralink rt2800usb
USB_148f_5372 v3.0 2011-07-22 Ralink RT5372 Wireless Adapter (5 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_148f_5370 v3.0 2011-07-22 Ralink RT5370 Wireless Adapter (14 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3365 v3.0 2011-07-22 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3329 v3.0 2011-07-22 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13b1_0031 v3.0 2011-07-22 Cisco Valet AM10 rt2800usb
USB_13b1_002f v3.0 2011-07-22 Linksys AE1000 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0062 v3.0 2011-07-22 Sitecom WLA-5000 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0060 v3.0 2011-07-22 Sitecom WLA-4000 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_005f v3.0 2011-07-22 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0053 v3.0 2011-07-22 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0051 v3.0 2011-07-22 Sitecom WL-364 rt2800usb
USB_0b05_179d v3.0 2011-07-22 ASUS USB-N53 rt2800usb
USB_0b05_166a v3.0 2011-07-22 Cisco DPW632 rt2800usb
USB_08b9_1197 v3.0 2011-07-22 RadioShack rt2800usb
USB_0846_9041 v3.0 2011-07-22 Netgear WNA1000Mv1 rtl8192cu
USB_083a_c501 v3.0 2011-07-22 Zoom 4410 p54usb
USB_07b8_3074 v3.0 2011-07-22 AboCom rt2800usb
USB_07b8_3073 v3.0 2011-07-22 AboCom rt2800usb
USB_0789_0169 v3.0 2011-07-22 Logitec LAN-W300N/U2 rt2800usb
USB_0789_0168 v3.0 2011-07-22 Logitec LAN-W150N/U2 rt2800usb
USB_0586_343e v3.0 2011-07-22 ZyXEL N220 rt2800usb
USB_0586_341e v3.0 2011-07-22 ZyXEL NWD2105 rt2800usb
USB_0586_3418 v3.0 2011-07-22 ZyXEL NWD-211AN rt2800usb
USB_050d_1003 v3.0 2011-07-22 Belkin rt2800usb
USB_04bb_094b v3.0 2011-07-22 I-O DATA WN-AG300U rt2800usb
USB_0411_01a2 v3.0 2011-07-22 Buffalo WLI-UC-GNM rt2800usb
USB_0409_02b4 v3.0 2011-07-22 NEC Aterm WL300NU-AG carl9170
SDIO_02df_9119 v3.0 2011-07-22 unknown mwifiex_sdio
PCI_10ec_8192 v3.0 2011-07-22 Realtek RTL8192E/RTL8192SE Wireless LAN Controller rtl8192se
PCI_10ec_8174 v3.0 2011-07-22 Realtek RTL8192SE Wireless LAN Controller rtl8192se
PCI_10ec_8173 v3.0 2011-07-22 Realtek RTL8192SE Wireless LAN Controller rtl8192se
PCI_10ec_8172 v3.0 2011-07-22 Realtek RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller (5 Devices) rtl8192se
PCI_10ec_8171 v3.0 2011-07-22 AzureWave AW-NE104H rtl8192se
USB_7392_7822 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Edimax (4 Devices) rtl8192cu
USB_7392_7811 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Edimax EW-7811Un rtl8192cu
USB_7392_4085 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Edimax rt2800usb
USB_20f4_648b v2.6.39 2011-05-19 TRENDnet TEW-648UBM rtl8192cu
USB_2019_ed17 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 PLANEX GW-USValue-EZ 802.11n Wireless Adapter (Realtek RTL8188CUS) (2 Devices) rtl8192cu
USB_2019_ab2b v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Planex GW-USEco300 rtl8192cu
USB_2019_ab2a v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Planex GW-USNano2 rtl8192cu
USB_2019_5201 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 PLANEX rt2800usb
USB_2001_3762 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Conceptronic C54U p54usb
USB_2001_330a v2.6.39 2011-05-19 D-Link DWA-133 802.11n Wireless N Adapter (Realtek RTL8192CU) (2 Devices) rtl8192cu
USB_2001_3309 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 D-Link DWA-135 rtl8192cu
USB_2001_3308 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 D-Link DWA-121 rev A1 rtl8192cu
USB_2001_3307 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 D-Link rtl8192cu
USB_157e_3207 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 TRENDnet TEW-509UB rev A1 zd1211rw
USB_103c_1629 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 rtl8192cu
USB_0eb0_9071 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 NovaTech rtl8192cu
USB_0df6_0052 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Sitecom rtl8192cu
USB_0cf3_20ff v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Atheros AR7010 (no firmware) ath9k_htc
USB_0bf8_1007 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Fujitsu Siemens Connect2Air E-5400 USB p54usb
USB_0bda_8754 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_8191 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_817e v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_817d v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_817c v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_817b v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Cirago BTA7300 rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_817a v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_8177 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_8176 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek RTL8188CUS 802.11n WLAN Adapter (22 Devices) rtl8192cu
USB_0bda_8170 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Realtek rtl8192cu
USB_07b8_8189 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 AboCom rtl8192cu
USB_07b8_8188 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 AboCom WU5501 rtl8192su
USB_07b8_8178 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 AboCom rtl8192cu
USB_07aa_0056 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Corega rtl8192cu
USB_06f8_e033 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Guillemot Hercules HWNUp-150 rtl8192cu
USB_0586_341f v2.6.39 2011-05-19 ZyXEL NWD2205 rtl8192cu
USB_050d_935b v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Belkin F6D4050 v2 rt2800usb
USB_050d_935a v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Belkin F6D4050 v1 rt2800usb
USB_050d_825b v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Belkin F5D8055 v2 rt2800usb
USB_050d_1102 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Belkin F7D1102 rtl8192cu
USB_0411_016f v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Buffalo WLI-UC-G301N Wireless LAN Adapter (Ralink RT3072) (2 Devices) rt2800usb
PCI_8086_0895 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 105 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0894 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 105 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0893 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 135 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0892 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 135 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0891 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0890 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_088f v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_088e v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (2 Devices) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0888 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0887 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 iwlwifi
PCI_1814_5390 v2.6.39 2011-05-19 Foxconn U98Z077.00 (HP) rt2800pci
USB_2019_ed01 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Planex GW-US54GD zd1211rw
USB_1b75_9170 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Ovislink AirLive X.USB 802.11abgn (Atheros AR9170+AR9104) (2 Devices) carl9170
USB_1740_1000 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Senao NUB-350 p54usb
USB_14ea_ab10 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Planex GW-US54GZ zd1211rw
USB_1044_8004 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Chu GN-WLBZ101 802.11b Adapter zd1201
USB_0cf3_b003 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Ubiquiti Networks WiFiStation EXT ath9k_htc
USB_0812_3101 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 rt73usb
PCI_1814_3390 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Ralink rt2800pci
PCI_168c_0032 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Qualcomm AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (9 Devices) ath9k
PCI_1432_7722 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7711 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_10ec_8191 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Realtek RTL8192CE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter rtl8192ce
PCI_10ec_8178 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Realtek RTL8192CE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter (3 Devices) rtl8192ce
PCI_10ec_8177 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Realtek RTL8191CE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter rtl8192ce
PCI_10ec_8176 v2.6.38 2011-03-15 Realtek RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (11 Devices) rtl8192ce
USB_2001_3705 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 D-Link DWL-G120 rev C1 p54usb
USB_182d_096b v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Sitecom WL-107 p54usb
USB_1668_1050 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Actiontec 802UIG-1 p54usb
USB_1630_0005 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 2Wire 802.11G USB Wireless LAN Card v1 p54usb
USB_15a9_0002 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 SparkLAN WL-682 p54usb
USB_1435_0210 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Wistron p54usb
USB_13d3_3350 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 AzureWave (IMC) ath9k_htc
USB_13d3_3349 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 AzureWave (IMC) ath9k_htc
USB_13d3_3348 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 AzureWave (IMC) ath9k_htc
USB_13d3_3346 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 AzureWave (IMC) ath9k_htc
USB_107b_55f2 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Gateway WGU-210 p54usb
USB_0db0_6826 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 MSI UB54G (MS-6826) p54usb
USB_07d1_3a0f v2.6.37 2011-01-05 D-Link DWA-130 rev D carl9170
USB_06a9_000e v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Westell 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter (A90-211WG-01) p54usb
USB_045e_00c2 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Microsoft MN-710 p54usb
USB_0411_0137 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Buffalo WLI-UC-G rt73usb
USB_0411_0050 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Buffalo WLI2-USB2-G54 p54usb
USB_040d_3801 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 VIA ath9k_htc
PCI_8086_08af v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 100 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_08ae v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 100 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0897 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 130 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0896 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 130 iwlwifi
PCI_14a4_4318 v2.6.37 2011-01-05 Lite-On Broadcom BCM4318 (AirForce One 54g) 802.11g WLAN Controller ssb
USB_13d3_3328 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 AzureWave (IMC) ath9k_htc
USB_13d3_3327 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 AzureWave AW-NU137 ath9k_htc
USB_0cf3_7015 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Atheros TP-Link TL-WN821N v3 / TL-WN822N v2 802.11n (Atheros AR7010+AR9287) (3 Devices) ath9k_htc
USB_0cf3_7010 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Atheros ath9k_htc
USB_0846_9030 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Netgear WNA1100 ath9k_htc
USB_0846_9018 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Netgear WNDA3200 ath9k_htc
USB_083a_a704 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Accton ath9k_htc
USB_07d1_3a10 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 D-Link DWA-126 ath9k_htc
USB_04ca_4605 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Lite-On ath9k_htc
SDIO_0092_0004 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 b43
PCI_8086_0886 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0885 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0091 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (Rainbow Peak) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0090 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (Rainbow Peak) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_008f v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel -
PCI_8086_008b v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 (Rainbow Peak) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_008a v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 iwlwifi
PCI_168c_0030 v2.6.36 2010-10-20 Qualcomm AR93xx Wireless Network Adapter (15 Devices) ath9k
USB_413c_5513 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Dell WLA3310 Wireless Adapter (Intersil ISL3887) p54usb
USB_1d4d_0011 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 PEGATRON rt2800usb
USB_1b75_3071 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Ovislink rt2800usb
USB_1668_1200 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Actiontec 802AIN carl9170
USB_1630_ff81 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 2Wire LC USB Client orinoco_usb
USB_1435_0804 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Proxim 8494-WD carl9170
USB_1435_0326 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Wistron carl9170
USB_13d3_3322 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3321 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3307 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_0e7c_0300 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 orinoco_usb
USB_0e66_0018 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Hawking Wireless-N Network Adapter (Ralink RT2870) rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0017 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Hawking HAWNU1 rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0013 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Hawking HWUN3 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0050 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Sitecom WL-349v4 rt2800usb
USB_0db0_871c v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_871b v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_822c v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_822b v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0d9e_0300 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Avaya Wireless Card orinoco_usb
USB_0d98_0300 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Mars Avaya Wireless Card orinoco_usb
USB_0d4e_1001 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Agere Wireless USB Card Model 0802 orinoco_usb
USB_0d4e_1000 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Agere Wireless Card Model 0801 (3 Devices) orinoco_usb
USB_0d4e_047a v2.6.35 2010-08-01 IBM 26P8030 orinoco_usb
USB_0cf3_9271 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Atheros AR9271 802.11n (12 Devices) ath9k_htc
USB_0cf3_1011 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 H3C WN612 carl9170
USB_0cf3_1010 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 3Com 3CRUSBN275 carl9170
USB_0cf3_1006 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Atheros TP-Link TL-WN322G v3 / TL-WN422G v2 802.11g (Atheros AR9271) (2 Devices) ath9k_htc
USB_0bf8_1002 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Fujitsu orinoco_usb
USB_0846_9040 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Netgear WNA1000 carl9170
USB_083a_f511 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Accton rt2800usb
USB_083a_a703 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Accton rt2800usb
USB_07fa_7712 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 DrayTek rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c17 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 D-Link rt2800usb
USB_0789_0166 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Logitec LAN-W300N/U2 Wireless LAN Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0681_0012 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Siemens I-Gate 802.11b Adapter orinoco_usb
USB_05cc_3100 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 ELSA AirLancer USB-11 orinoco_usb
USB_04e8_7011 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Samsung SEW-2003U orinoco_usb
USB_04e8_5b11 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Samsung SEW-2001u Card orinoco_usb
USB_049f_0082 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Compaq orinoco_usb
USB_049f_0076 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Compaq Wireless LAN MultiPort W200 orinoco_usb
USB_049f_001f v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Compaq WL215 orinoco_usb
USB_047e_0300 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 ORiNOCO USB Client orinoco_usb
USB_0411_000d v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Buffalo WLI-USB-L11G Wireless LAN Adapter orinoco_usb
USB_0411_000b v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Buffalo WLI-USB-L11G-WR Wireless LAN Adapter (2 Devices) orinoco_usb
USB_0411_0006 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Buffalo WLI-USB-L11 orinoco_usb
SDIO_0097_4076 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 wlcore_sdio
PCI_1814_3593 v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Ralink rt2800pci
PCI_1260_ffff v2.6.35 2010-08-01 Intersil ISL3886IK (3 Devices) p54pci
USB_8516_3572 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_8516_3072 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_8516_3071 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_8516_3070 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_8516_2870 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_8516_2770 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_8516_2070 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 rt2800usb
USB_1d4d_0010 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 PEGATRON rt2800usb
USB_178d_02be v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Ceiva 81726-00702 rt73usb
USB_1761_0b05 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 ASUSTek 802.11n Network Adapter (wrong ID - swapped vendor and device) rt2800usb
USB_1737_0078 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Linksys WUSB100 v2 rt2800usb
USB_148f_8070 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Ralink rt2800usb
USB_148f_3370 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Ralink RT3370 Wireless Adapter (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_0db0_871a v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_822a v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_3871 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 MSI MS-3871 rt2800usb
USB_0db0_3822 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0cde_0027 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Sphairon Homelink 1202 carl9170
USB_0b05_1790 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 ASUSTek rt2800usb
USB_083a_f503 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Accton p54usb
USB_083a_d522 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Accton Speedport W 102 Stick IEEE 802.11n USB 2.0 Adapter rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c16 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 D-Link DWA-125 rev A2 rt2800usb
USB_07aa_001c v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Corega CG-WLUSB2GT p54usb
USB_06b9_0120 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Thomson SpeedTouch 120g p54usb
USB_05a6_0101 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Cisco rt2800usb
USB_0411_015d v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Buffalo WLI-UC-GN rt2800usb
USB_0411_0150 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Buffalo WLP-UC-AG300 rt2800usb
USB_0411_0148 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Buffalo WLI-UC-G300HP rt2800usb
USB_0411_00d9 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Buffalo WLI-U2-G54HP rt73usb
USB_0409_0249 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 NEC Aterm WL300NU-G carl9170
PCI_168c_002c v2.6.34 2010-05-16 AzureWave AW-GE112H ath9k
PCI_11ab_2a43 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Cameo WLX-0205 mwl8k
PCI_11ab_2a24 v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Marvell 88W8363 (TopDog) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
PCI_11ab_2a0c v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Marvell 88W8363 (TopDog) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
PCI_11ab_2a0a v2.6.34 2010-05-16 Marvell 88W8363 (TopDog) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
USB_5a57_0284 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Zinwell 802.11a/b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card rt2800usb
USB_20b8_8888 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 rt2800usb
USB_203d_14a9 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Encore rt2800usb
USB_203d_14a1 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Encore rt2800usb
USB_1740_9709 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Senao rt2800usb
USB_1740_9708 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Senao rt2800usb
USB_1740_9707 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 EnGenius EUB9707 rt2800usb
USB_1737_0079 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Linksys WUSB600N v2 rt2800usb
USB_1690_0744 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Askey rt2800usb
USB_1690_0740 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Askey 802.11n Wireless LAN Card rt2800usb
USB_167b_4001 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3305 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 AzureWave (IMC) rt2800usb
USB_0df6_004d v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Sitecom rt2800usb
USB_0df6_004a v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Sitecom WL-358v1 Wireless Micro USB Adapter 300N X3 002 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0048 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Sitecom WL-349v1 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0047 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Sitecom WL-352v1 Wireless USB Adapter 300N 002 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0041 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Sitecom WL-329 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0029 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Sitecom rtl818x_pci
USB_0db0_899a v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_870a v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_821a v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0db0_3870 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 MSI MS-3870 rt2800usb
USB_0db0_3821 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0b05_1784 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 ASUS USB-N13 rev A1 rt2800usb
USB_0930_0a07 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Toshiba WLM-10U1 rt2800usb
USB_083a_a702 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Accton rt2800usb
USB_083a_a701 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 SMC SMCWUSBS-N3 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c15 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 D-Link DWA-140 RangeBooster N Adapter(rev.B3) (Ralink RT2870) rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3a09 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 D-Link DWA-160 rev A2 carl9170
USB_07aa_0042 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Corega CG-WLUSB300GNM rt2800usb
USB_07aa_0041 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Corega CG-WLUSB300GNS rt2800usb
USB_04bb_0948 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 I-O DATA WN-G300U rt2800usb
USB_04bb_0947 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 I-O Data DeviceWN-G150U Wireless LAN Adapter rt2800usb
USB_04bb_0944 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 I-O DATA WHG-AGDN/US rt2800usb
USB_0409_0248 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 NEC Aterm WL54GU zd1211rw
SDIO_0089_1408 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 -
PCI_1a3b_1059 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 AzureWave rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3592 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Lite-On WCBN607RH-H1 (HP) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3562 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 I-O DATA WHG-AGDN/CB rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3092 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT3092 Wireless 802.11n 2T/2R PCIe rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3091 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT3091 Wireless 802.11n 1T/2R PCIe rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3090 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT3090 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe (3 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3062 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT3062 Wireless 802.11n 2T/2R (4 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_3060 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT3060 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R (3 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_0781 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT2790 Wireless 802.11n 1T/2R PCIe (6 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_0701 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT2760 Wireless 802.11n 1T/2R (7 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_0681 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT2890 Wireless 802.11n PCIe (8 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1814_0601 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Ralink RT2800 802.11n PCI (26 Devices) rt2800pci
PCI_1462_891a v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Micro-Star rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7768 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7758 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7748 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7738 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7728 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7727 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_1432_7708 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Edimax rt2800pci
PCI_11ab_2a40 v2.6.33 2010-02-24 Marvell 88W8366 (TopDog) 802.11n Wireless mwl8k
USB_7167_3840 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 rt73usb
USB_1b75_7318 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Ovislink rt73usb
USB_0db0_4600 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Micro 802.11b/g Turbo Wireless Adapter rt73usb
USB_0cf3_1002 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Atheros TP-Link TL-WN821N v2 / TL-WN822N v1 802.11n (Atheros AR9170) (2 Devices) carl9170
USB_0cde_0015 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Z-Com XG-705A 802.11g Wireless Adapter (Intersil ISL3887) (2 Devices) p54usb
USB_083a_e501 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Arcadyan (Telefonica) Unknown Model ZD1211B Adapter zd1211rw
USB_06f8_e002 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Guillemot rt73usb
SDIO_104c_9066 v2.6.32 2009-12-03 wl1251_sdio
SDIO_02d0_044b v2.6.32 2009-12-03 unknown b43
PCI_8086_008e v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Intel -
PCI_8086_008d v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Intel -
PCI_168c_002e v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Qualcomm AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (8 Devices) ath9k
PCI_168c_002d v2.6.32 2009-12-03 Qualcomm AR9227 Wireless Network Adapter (3 Devices) ath9k
USB_7392_7718 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Edimax EW-7718Un rt2800usb
USB_7392_7717 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Edimax EW-7717UN 802.11n Wireless Adapter (Ralink RT2870) (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_7392_7711 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Edimax EW-7711UTn nLite Wireless Adapter (Ralink RT2870) (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_5a57_5257 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Zinwell Metronic 495257 wifi 802.11ng rt2800usb
USB_5a57_0283 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Zinwell 802.11b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card rt2800usb
USB_5a57_0282 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Zinwell 802.11b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card rt2800usb
USB_5a57_0280 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Zinwell 802.11a/b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card rt2800usb
USB_203d_1480 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Encore ENUWI-N3 (802.11n Wireless N150 Adapter) rt2800usb
USB_2019_ed06 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Planex GW-US300MiniW rt2800usb
USB_2019_ab25 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Planex GW-USMini2N rt2800usb
USB_2019_ab24 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 PLANEX GW-US300MiniS rt2800usb
USB_1eda_2310 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AirTies Air 2310 rt2800usb
USB_1d4d_000e v2.6.31 2009-09-09 PEGATRON Ralink RT3070 802.11b/g/n Wireless Lan USB Device rt2800usb
USB_1d4d_000c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 PEGATRON Ralink RT3070 802.11b/g/n Wireless Lan USB Device rt2800usb
USB_1d4d_0002 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 PEGATRON Ralink RT2770/2720 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Mini-USB Device rt2800usb
USB_1b75_3072 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ovislink AirLive WN-360USB adapter rt2800usb
USB_1a32_0304 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Quanta 802.11n Wireless LAN Card rt2800usb
USB_18e8_6259 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Qcom rt2800usb
USB_18c5_0012 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AMIT CG-WLUSB10 Corega Wireless USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_18c5_0008 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AMIT CG-WLUSB2GNR Corega Wireless USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_177f_0313 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sweex LW313 rt2800usb
USB_177f_0302 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sweex LW303 rt2800usb
USB_177f_0153 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sweex LW153 rt2800usb
USB_1740_9801 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 EnGenius EUB9801 rt2800usb
USB_1740_9706 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 EnGenius EUB9706 rt2800usb
USB_1740_9705 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Senao EnGenius 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_1740_9703 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Senao EnGenius 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_1740_9702 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 EnGenius EUB-9702 rt2800usb
USB_1740_9701 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 EnGenius EUB-9701 rt2800usb
USB_1740_0615 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Senao LevelOne WUA-0615 N_Max Wireless USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_1740_0605 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Senao LevelOne WUA-0605 N_Max Wireless USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_1737_0077 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Linksys WUSB54GC v3 rt2800usb
USB_1737_0071 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Linksys WUSB600N v1 rt2800usb
USB_1737_0070 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Linksys WUSB100 v1 rt2800usb
USB_15c5_0008 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Advance WL532U 802.11g Adapter rt2800usb
USB_15a9_0010 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Gemtek 802.11n USB Wireless Card rt2800usb
USB_15a9_0006 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 SparkLAN WUBR-501 rt2800usb
USB_157e_300e v2.6.31 2009-09-09 TRENDnet SMC SMCWUSB-N 802.11bgn 2x2:2 Wireless Adapter (Ralink RT2870) (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c28 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Conceptronic C300RU v2 rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c27 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Airlink101 AWLL6070 rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c25 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 DrayTek Vigor N61 rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c23 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Airlink101 AWLL6080 rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c12 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AL Tech AnyGate 11N W-LAN Adapter (XM-200U) rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c11 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c09 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink 802.11n adapter rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c08 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c07 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AL Tech AnyGate 11N W-LAN Adapter (XM-242U) rt2800usb
USB_14b2_3c06 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Conceptronic C300RU v1 rt2800usb
USB_148f_3572 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink RT3572 Wireless Adapter (7 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_148f_3072 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink RT3072 Wireless Adapter (7 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_148f_3071 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Premiertek PT-H5DN-1W rt2800usb
USB_148f_3070 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter (21 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_148f_2870 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink RT2870 Wireless Adapter (8 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_148f_2770 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink RT2770 Wireless Adapter (7 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_148f_2070 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Ralink RT2070 Wireless Adapter (4 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_1482_3c09 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Vaillant rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3284 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AzureWave (IMC) Wireless LAN USB Mini-Card rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3273 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AzureWave AW-NU706H rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3262 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AzureWave (IMC) 802.11 n/g/b Wireless LAN USB Adapter rt2800usb
USB_13d3_3247 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AzureWave AW-NU222 rt2800usb
USB_129b_1828 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 300 rt2800usb
USB_1044_800d v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Gigabyte GN-WB32L-RH rt2800usb
USB_1044_800c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Gigabyte GN-WB31N-RH rt2800usb
USB_1044_800b v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Gigabyte GN-WB30N-RH rt2800usb
USB_100d_9032 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Netopia Motorola 802.11n 5G USB Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_100d_9031 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Motorola TER/NUSB1-N1 rt2800usb
USB_0e66_000b v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Hawking HWDN2 rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0009 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Hawking HWUN2 rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0003 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Hawking HWDN1 rt2800usb
USB_0e66_0001 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Hawking HWUN1 rt2800usb
USB_0e0b_9041 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Amigo 802.11n Wireless USB Card rt2800usb
USB_0e0b_9031 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Amigo 802.11n Wireless USB Card rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0042 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-345 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0040 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-344 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_003f v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-608 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_003e v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-343 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_003d v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-324 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_003c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-323 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_003b v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-321 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0039 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-315 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_002d v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-302 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_002c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-301 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_002b v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-188 rt2800usb
USB_0df6_0017 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sitecom WL-182 rt2800usb
USB_0db0_6899 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Micro 802.11bgn 1T1R Mini Card Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0db0_3820 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Micro rt2800usb
USB_0cde_0025 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Z-Com 802.11b/g/n USB Wireless Network Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0cde_0022 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Aztech WL950USB rt2800usb
USB_0b05_1761 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ASUS USB-N11 rt2800usb
USB_0b05_1760 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ASUSTek 802.11n Network Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0b05_1742 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ASUSTek 802.11n Network Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0b05_1732 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ASUSTek 802.11n Network Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0b05_1731 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ASUS WL-160N rt2800usb
USB_083a_e503 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton Arcadyan WN4501 802.11b/g zd1211rw
USB_083a_c522 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton rt2800usb
USB_083a_b522 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 SMC SMCWUSBS-N2 rt2800usb
USB_083a_a618 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 SMC SMCWUSBS-N rt2800usb
USB_083a_a512 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton Arcadyan 802.11N Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_083a_8522 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton Arcadyan 802.11N Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_083a_7522 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton Arcadyan 802.11N Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_083a_7512 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton Arcadyan 802.11N Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_083a_7511 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton Arcadyan 802.11N Wireless Adapter (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_083a_6618 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Accton 802.11n Wireless Adapter rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c13 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWA-130 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c11 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWA-160 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c0f v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWL-G122 rev E1 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c0e v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link WUA-2340 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c0d v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWA-125 rev A1 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c0b v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWA-110 rev B rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c0a v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWA-140 rev B2 rt2800usb
USB_07d1_3c09 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 D-Link DWA-140 rev B1 rt2800usb
USB_07b8_3072 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AboCom 802.11n/b/g Mini Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter rt2800usb
USB_07b8_3071 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AboCom 802.11n/b/g Mini Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_07b8_3070 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AboCom 802.11n/b/g Mini Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter rt2800usb
USB_07b8_2870 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AboCom 802.11n/b/g Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter rt2800usb
USB_07b8_2770 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AboCom 802.11n/b/g Mini Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter rt2800usb
USB_07aa_003f v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Corega CG-WLUSB300AGN rt2800usb
USB_07aa_003c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Corega CG-WLUSB2GNL rt2800usb
USB_07aa_002f v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Corega CG-WLUSB2GNL rt2800usb
USB_0789_0164 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Logitec LAN-W150/U2M Wireless LAN Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0789_0163 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Logitec LAN-WN12/U2 Wireless LAN Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0789_0162 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Logitec LAN-WN22/U2 Wireless LAN Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0586_341a v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ZyXEL NWD-270N rt2800usb
USB_0586_3416 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 ZyXEL NWD210N rt2800usb
USB_057c_8402 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N 2.4 carl9170
USB_057c_8401 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N carl9170
USB_054c_0257 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Sony IFU-WLM2 zd1211rw
USB_050d_825a v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Belkin F5D8055 v1 rt2800usb
USB_050d_815c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Belkin F5D8053 v3 rt2800usb
USB_050d_805c v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Belkin F5D8051 v3 rt2800usb
USB_050d_8053 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v1000/v4000 (Ralink RT2870) (2 Devices) rt2800usb
USB_04e8_2018 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Samsung WIS09ABGN rt2800usb
USB_04bb_0945 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 I-O Data DeviceWN-GDN/US3 Wireless LAN Adapter rt2800usb
USB_0471_200f v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Philips CCU7740N rt2800usb
USB_0411_012e v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Buffalo WLI-UC-AG300N rt2800usb
USB_0411_00e8 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 Buffalo WLI-UC-G300N rt2800usb
SDIO_0089_1403 v2.6.31 2009-09-09 -
USB_cace_0300 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 CACE Technologies AirPcap Nx carl9170
USB_8086_0200 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel AP310 at76c50x-usb
USB_6933_5001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 rt73usb
USB_2019_5304 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Planex GW-US300GXS carl9170
USB_2019_3220 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Planex GW-US11S at76c50x-usb
USB_2001_3200 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 D-Link DWL-120 rev E1 at76c50x-usb
USB_1915_2233 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Linksys WUSB11 v2.8 at76c50x-usb
USB_1737_0073 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Linksys WUSB54GC v2 rtl8187
USB_1690_0701 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Askey WLAN at76c50x-usb
USB_1668_7605 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Actiontec 802UAT1 at76c50x-usb
USB_1557_0002 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 OQO model 01 WiFi interface at76c50x-usb
USB_1413_5400 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 p54usb
USB_1371_5743 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 CNet CNUSB-611 (D) Wireless Adapter (AT76C503) at76c50x-usb
USB_1371_0014 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Fiberline FL-WL240U at76c50x-usb
USB_1371_0013 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 CNet CNUSB-611G at76c50x-usb
USB_1371_0002 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 CNet CNUSB-611AR Wireless Adapter-G (AT76C503) (FiberLine WL-240U) (3 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_1371_0001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 CNet CNUSB-611AR Wireless Adapter-G (AT76C503) at76c50x-usb
USB_12fd_1001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 AIN AWU2000b 802.11b Stick (3 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_1044_8003 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Gigabyte GN-WLBM101 at76c50x-usb
USB_0db0_1020 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 MSI WLAN Box (MS-6978) at76c50x-usb
USB_0d8e_7110 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Arescom WL-210 at76c50x-usb
USB_0d8e_7100 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Global 802.11b Adapter (3 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_0d5c_a002 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 SMC SMC2662W v2 / SMC2662W-AR / Belkin F5D6050 (Atmel at76c503a) (3 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_0d5c_a001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 SMC SMC2662W v1 at76c50x-usb
USB_0cf3_9170 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atheros AR9170 802.11n (5 Devices) carl9170
USB_0cf3_1001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Thomson TG121n carl9170
USB_0cde_0026 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Z-Com UB82 802.11abgn carl9170
USB_0cde_0023 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Z-Com UB81 802.11bgn carl9170
USB_0cde_0001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Z-Com XI-750 802.11b Wireless Adapter (Atmel AT76C503A) (4 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_0b3b_1612 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Tekram AIR.Mate 2@net 802.11b Adapter (5 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_0ace_1221 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 ZyDAS ZD1221 802.11n carl9170
USB_0864_4102 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Netgear MA101 rev B at76c50x-usb
USB_0864_4100 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Netgear MA101 at76c50x-usb
USB_0846_9010 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Netgear WNDA3100v1 carl9170
USB_0846_9001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Netgear WN111v2 carl9170
USB_083a_f522 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Arcadyan WN7512A carl9170
USB_083a_3501 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Accton 2664W (2 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_07d1_3c10 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 D-Link DWA-160 rev A1 carl9170
USB_07b8_b000 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 AboCom BWU613 (2 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_07aa_7613 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Corega Stick-11 V2 802.11b Adapter at76c50x-usb
USB_07aa_0018 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Corega CG-WLUSB11MN2 at76c50x-usb
USB_07aa_0011 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Corega CG-WLUSB11MN at76c50x-usb
USB_077b_2227 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Network Everywhere (Linksys) NWU11B at76c50x-usb
USB_077b_2219 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Linksys WUSB11 v2.6 at76c50x-usb
USB_069a_0821 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 BT Voyager 1010 at76c50x-usb
USB_069a_0321 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Askey Dynalink WLL013 / Compex WLU11A 802.11b Adapter (2 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_069a_0320 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Askey WLL013 (Intersil) at76c50x-usb
USB_0681_001b v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Siemens WLL013 at76c50x-usb
USB_066b_2211 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Linksys WUSB11 802.11b Adapter (2 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_05dd_ff35 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Delta PCW 100 - Wireless 802.11b Adapter at76c50x-usb
USB_05dd_ff31 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Addtron AWU-120 at76c50x-usb
USB_0586_3417 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 ZyXEL NWD271N carl9170
USB_055d_a000 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Samsung SWL-2100U at76c50x-usb
USB_050d_0050 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Belkin F5D6050 v2 at76c50x-usb
USB_0506_0a01 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 3Com OfficeConnect 3CRSHEW696 at76c50x-usb
USB_04bb_093f v2.6.30 2009-06-10 I-O DATA WN-GDN/US2 carl9170
USB_04bb_0919 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 I-O DATA WN-B11/USB at76c50x-usb
USB_04a5_9001 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 BenQ AWL400 at76c50x-usb
USB_04a5_9000 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 BenQ AWL300 v1 (Intersil) at76c50x-usb
USB_049f_0032 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Compaq 802.11b Adapter (ipaq h5400) at76c50x-usb
USB_0411_0119 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Buffalo rt73usb
USB_0411_0116 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Buffalo WLR-UC-G rt73usb
USB_03f0_011c v2.6.30 2009-06-10 HP HN210W at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7617 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel AT76C505AS Wireless Adapter at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7615 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel AT76C505AMX Wireless Adapter at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7614 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel AT76c505a Wireless Adapter (2 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7613 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel WL-1130 USB (2 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7606 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel at76c505 802.11b Adapter at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7605 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel at76c503a 802.11b Adapter (19 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7604 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel at76c503a 802.11b Adapter at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_7603 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel D-Link DWL-120 802.11b Wireless Adapter (Atmel at76c503a) (12 Devices) at76c50x-usb
USB_03eb_4102 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Atmel AirVast W-Buddie WN210 at76c50x-usb
PCI_8086_4239 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_4238 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_422c v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (622ANHMW) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_422b v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0089 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 (Kilmer Peak) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0088 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel -
PCI_8086_0087 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 (Kilmer Peak) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0086 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel -
PCI_8086_0085 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (62205ANSFF) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0084 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 (Condor Peak) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0083 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel WiFi Link 1000 (half size) iwlwifi
PCI_8086_0082 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 iwlwifi
PCI_14e4_432b v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Broadcom BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (7 Devices) ssb
PCI_14e4_4315 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (12 Devices) ssb
PCI_14e4_4306 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Broadcom BCM4306 802.11bg Wireless LAN controller ssb
PCI_11ab_2a30 v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Marvell 88W8687 (TopDog) 802.11b/g Wireless mwl8k
PCI_11ab_2a2b v2.6.30 2009-06-10 Marvell 88W8687 (TopDog) 802.11b/g Wireless mwl8k


  • Linux kernel repository:
  • Linux kernel latest version: v4.7-rc1
  • PCI ID DB version: 2016.05.31
  • USB ID DB version: 2016.03.03

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Workaround for missing device IDs (runtime device ID insertion)

If a device ID is not listed, but the chipset is supported by an existent kernel module, it may be possible
to get the device operational by loading the kernel module manually and then feeding it the new ID.

For example, the following commands will allow the USB ID (2001:3c20) of the D-Link DWA-140 rev D1
to be recognized by the rt2800usb kernel module..

modprobe rt2800usb
echo -n "2001 3c20" > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rt2800usb/new_id

To persist across reboots, the process must be repeated again - you can either shove commands to re-insert the USB ID in a script
executed upon boot or you will need to recompile the driver (using backports [latest stable releases] would be recommended).