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AR5523 with different ID after firmware loaded

Adapters based on AR5523 seem to have a USB device ID which is off by one, when firmware is loaded. See this in Debian Wiki. In WikiDevi model pages, initial id (no firmware) is specified. This Linux kernel device database, contains IDs of firmware-loaded state. Result: pages such as Netgear WG111T and D-Link DWL-AG132 rev B1 currently display "USB ID not yet observed". Maybe you can write a clever solution?--Numeric (talk) 11:11, 20 January 2014 (EST)

fixed. X64 (talk) 16:29, 22 January 2014 (EST)
Thank you!--Numeric (talk) 23:25, 24 January 2014 (EST)

PCI Broadcom

14e4:4365	BCM4366
14e4:43a3	BCM4350
14e4:43ba	BCM43602
14e4:43bb	BCM43602
14e4:43bc	BCM43602
14e4:43c3	BCM4366
14e4:43c4	BCM4366
14e4:43c5	BCM4366
14e4:43ca	BCM4365
14e4:43cb	BCM4365
14e4:43cc	BCM4365
14e4:43d3	BCM43567
14e4:43d9	BCM43570
14e4:43df	BCM4354
14e4:43e9	BCM4358
14e4:43ec	BCM4356
14e4:43ef	BCM4359
14e4:440d	BCM4371
14e4:aa52	BCM43602


Marvell 	SD8786/SD8787/SD8797/SD8887/SD8897/SD8997

02df:9103	Marvell
02df:9116	Marvell
02df:9119	Marvell
02df:9129	Marvell 88W8797 SDIO 
02df:912d	Marvell 88W8897 SDIO 
02df:9135	Marvell 88W8887 SDIO 
02df:9139	Marvell
02df:9141	Marvell

11ab:2a0a	Marvell 88W8363 PCIE
11ab:2a0c	Marvell 88W8363
11ab:2a24	Marvell 88W8363
11ab:2a2b	Marvell 88W8687
11ab:2a30	Marvell 88W8687
11ab:2a40	Marvell 88W8366
11ab:2a41	Marvell 88W8366
11ab:2a42	Marvell 88W8366
11ab:2a43	Marvell 88W8366
11ab:2b36	Marvell 88W8764
11ab:2b38	Marvell 88W8897

0271:0300	Atheros SDIO
0271:0301	Atheros SDIO
0271 0400	Atheros SDIO
0271:0401	Atheros SDIO
0271:0402	Atheros SDIO

0cf3:0001	Atheros AR5523 USB
0cf3:0002	Atheros AR5523
0cf3:0003	Atheros AR5523
0cf3:0004	Atheros AR5523
0cf3:0005	Atheros AR5523
0cf3:0006	Atheros AR5523
0cf3:1001	Atheros AR9170 + AR9101
0cf3:1002	Atheros AR9170 + AR9102
0cf3:1006	Atheros AR9271
0cf3:1010	Atheros AR9170 + AR9104
0cf3:1011	Atheros AR9170 + AR9104
0cf3:20ff	Atheros AR7010
0cf3:7010	Atheros	AR7010
0cf3:7015	Atheros AR7010 + AR9287
0cf3:9170	Atheros AR9170
0cf3:9271	Atheros AR9271
0cf3:9374	Atheros	AR9374
0cf3:9375	Atheros	AR9375
0cf3:b002	Atheros AR9271
0cf3_b003	Atheros AR9271

168c:002a	Atheros AR9280 PCIE
168c:0030	Atheros AR9382 PCIE
168c:0034	Atheros AR9462 PCIE

8086:08b1	Intel 7260 PCIE
8086:08b2	Intel 7260 PCIE
8086:095a	Intel 7265 PCIE

02d0:044b	Broadcom
02d0:4324	Broadcom BCM43241 SDIO
02d0:4329 	Broadcom BCM4329
02d0:4330 	Broadcom BCM4330
02d0:4334 	Broadcom BCM4334
02d0:4335 	Broadcom BCM4335
02d0:4335 	Broadcom BCM4339
02d0:4345 	Broadcom BCM4345
02d0:4345 	Broadcom BCM43455
02d0:4354 	Broadcom BCM4354
02d0:a887 	Broadcom BCM43143
02d0:a94c 	Broadcom BCM43340
02d0:a94d 	Broadcom BCM43341
02d0:a962 	Broadcom BCM43362
02d0:a9a6 	Broadcom BCM43430

14e4:43ec 	Broadcom BCM4356 PCIE
14e4:43ba 	Broadcom BCM43602 PCIE
14e4:43ca 	Broadcom BCM4365 PCIE
14e4:43c3 	Broadcom BCM4366 PCIE
14e4:440d 	Broadcom BCM4371 PCIE

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