CNet CNAP-711

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CNet CNAP-711

FCC approval date: 14 January 2003
Country of manuf.: Taiwan

Type: access point


Power: 5 VDC, 2.1 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: Atmel AT76C510
FLA1: 512 KiB 0.5 MiB <br />524,288 B <br />4,096 Kib <br />4 Mib <br />4.882812e-4 GiB <br /> (Atmel AT29LV040A-20TI)
RAM1: 512 KiB 0.5 MiB <br />524,288 B <br />4,096 Kib <br />4 Mib <br />4.882812e-4 GiB <br /> (Alliance AS7C34096-10TC)

Expansion IFs: none specified

WI1 chip1: Atmel AT76C510
WI1 chip2: RFMD RF3000
WI1 chip3: RFMD RF2948B
WI1 802dot11 protocols: b
WI1 antenna connector: none

ETH chip1: Atmel AT76C510
ETH chip2: Realtek RTL8201BL
LAN speed: 10M
LAN ports: 1


Additional chips
Low-voltage CPLD;Atmel;ATF1504ASV;ATMEL, ATF1504ASV, 15AC44 0238;1;
HF LNA/Mixer;RFMD;RF2494;RF, 2494, 0241;1;
2.4GHz RF Synthesizer w/ Integrated VCOs;Silicon Labs;Si4126;SI4126, BM, 0239DC, EA21;1;
1.8GHz to 2.8GHz Linear Power Amplifier IC;RFMD;RF5117;RF, 5117, 24AC;1;

Default IP address:
the IP is used by 46 additional devices
of which 0 are CNet devices
Default login user: blank
Default login password: WLAN

802dot11 OUI: 00:08:A1 (5 E, 12 W)
Ethernet OUI: 00:08:A1 (5 E, 12 W)

For a list of all currently documented Atmel chipsets with specifications, see Atmel.

11Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point

"Access Point", "05-01-0484-03", and a date code of 0246 (November 2012) is silkscreened on the board in the FCC photos.

This device would appear to only be configurable via SNMP. Default settings are per the FCC manual.

The sample SSID in the manual is WLAN_AP.

The power adapter shown in the FCC photos is a Spec Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd. SL15A205-U (100-240VAC ~ 50-60Hz, 0.5A max. -> 5VDC, 2.5A).

Additional specs, per the manual

Typical Receiver Sensitivity w/ 11b rates (10E^-5 BER) (more)

  • -85 dBm @ 1M
  • -81 dBm @ 11M