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Compex WLE900VX 7AA (XB140)
Availability: now

FCC approval date: 10 June 2015
Country of manuf.: China

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B011SI4544 (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)
multiple revisions of this device, use caution

Interface: Mini PCIe

PCIe 1.1

ID: 168c:003c (3 addl. devices)
Windows: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003C

IC ID: 7849A-WLE900VX

WI1 chip1: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880-BR4A

Additional chips
2.4/5GHz 802.11abgn/ac WLAN RF Front End Module;Skyworks;SE5516A;;3;

Windows driver
possibly see

Antenna connector: U.FL

abgn+ac, 3x3:3

Flags: DFS (master)

OUI: 04:F0:21 (1 E, 24 W)

Compex WLE900VX-ITK4WLE900VX
JJPlus JWX6052W23-JWX5253
 Chip1 brandChip2 brand
Compex WLE900VXQualcomm Atheros
Compex WLE900VX-IQualcomm Atheros

For a list of all currently documented Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) chipsets with specifications, see Qualcomm Atheros.

Dual Band 3×3 MIMO 802.11ac Wave 1 Module

Product page
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Possible B4:82:C5 OUI for this card, in general, or a targeted use module..

Product Key Features

  • Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 (V2) - XB140 Reference Design
  • 2.4GHz max 21dBm & 5GHz max 20dBm output power (per chain)
  • 802.11ac compliant & backward compatible with 802.11abgn
  • 3×3 MIMO Technology, up to 1.3Gbps
  • Mini PCI-Express 1.1 Interface
  • 4.9GHz Operating Frequency Option Available
  • Supports Spatial Multiplexing, Cyclic-Delay Diversity (CDD),
Low-Density Parity Check, Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC),
Space Time Block Code (STBC), (LDPC) Codes
  • Supports 802.11d, e, h, I, k, r, v time stamp, and w standards
  • Supports Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
  • Cards are individually calibrated for Quality Assurance
  • Supported by OpenWRT with ath10k driver on WPJ344/WPJ558/WPQ864

Purchase Sample

Ordering Configuration

Item Code Chipset Card Information
WLE900VX 7AA000S QCA9880 3×3 802.11ac 2.4/5GHz PCIe Mini Card

Known Issues

  • This card is reported to have some incompatibilities with many notebook BIOSes.

While on some motherboards the card works fine, on some motherboards it only shows in
the PCI device list only after a warm boot, and on some others platform it will never work

Compex did not find a solution yet - Compex support forum
  • In some cases, this can be mitigated by taping pin 20 of the module (as demonstrated on X61t with Middleton's BIOS). This is because the BIOS will leave the RFKILL pin (pin 20) at high-voltage while booting.