Linksys WMP11 v1

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Linksys WMP11 v1

Manuf (OEM/ODM): BroMax BW251

FCC approval date: 06 September 2001
Country of manuf.: Taiwan

Interface: PCI

ID: 1260:3873 (22 addl. devices) SS: 1737:3874
Windows: PCI\VEN_1260&DEV_3873&SUBSYS_38741737


Chipset: Intersil PRISM 2.5

WI1 chip1: Intersil ISL3874

WI1 chip2: Intersil ISL3685

Antenna connector: RP-SMA


OUI: 00:06:25 (13 E, 22 W)

For a list of all currently documented Intersil chipsets with specifications, see Intersil.

Wireless PCI Card
 • Support page  • (Template link outdated)

"3752-42510001" is silkscreened on the Mini PCI to PCI adapter. The device is a BroMax MW251 (FCC photos state MW250-IF).. as such the FCC ID of the parent OEM product has been assigned to it.

This device is a Mini PCI wireless module on a Mini PCI -> PCI adapter.

"ISL37400M SN REV C" is silkscreened on the Mini PCI wireless module. This device is clearly based on the Intersil ISL37400M reference design.

On djb's PRISM models page (archived here)

states the device is a Amtron MW251

Wireless 802.11b on Linux, Part 2 on

Below wlanng info dump is sourced from here...

This card provides the following output when used with wlanng (prism2_xxx)... (more)

ident: nic h/w: id=0x8013 v1.0.0
ident: pri f/w: id=0x0015 v1.0.7
ident: sta h/w: id=0x001f v1.3.5