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  • on search
MediaWiki search is quirky. It can't really be helped.
Semantic search is mainly for advanced users. I have little interest creating a HOWTO page on this wiki for the feature.
  • on site scope
I would be somewhat hesitant to expand the site scope to include smartphones, wireless printers, laptops, and other general purpose computers at this point in time.
I would also be hesitant to have the chip category scope include most general purpose non-SoC processors and microcontrollers.
I am not wholly against their inclusion, but system resources on this Linode could potentially be swamped out if the scope were to expand too broadly..
  • on a firmware template
What exactly would you plan to catalog with this template? The firmware projects themselves or every single version of firmware available?

--M86 01:04, 14 June 2012 (EDT)