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Administrator and mostly inactive. If anything breaks dramatically, I may fix it.

WikiDevi wikitext snapshots

Daily snapshots (current wikitext of all pages, bzip2ed) of the wiki are available here (and here (full dump)).

Historical snapshots of files and images are available at the Internet Archive.

Blank templates



802dot11 PHY mode color legend

no 802.11 protocols specified

not 802.11 compliant

legacy (FHSS)

legacy (DSSS)



















things to make the wiki suck less...

  • more data
  • redo individual page format so it is more functional
    • break down main super-templates into domain specific templates and a central 'display' template
    • increase ease to find similar devices w/ additional queries
    • semanticize all information that can be semanticized
      • product / support pages, tagline, power adapter info (subobj.), LED config. / colors / etc, PCB color (useless), PCB text, more part (type, manuf) info, more USB info (mostly device form factor and connector type)
    • pictures need classification and license tagging
      • msupload changes needed..
    • navbox / etc integration
  • per part / chipset / vendor / manuf. / firmware (I guess..) pages
    • w/ queries and visualizations per page
      • representative picture queries
        • per picture 'quality' flag, maybe (access control issues..)
    • for manuf. / vendor
      • add relevant locations
      • history
      • associations with other corporations / companies / etc
      • integration w/ reviews (problematic...) for some sort of quality scoring
    • for vendor
      • add UPC / EAN / etc ranges
    • per part / chipset
      • additional specifications for device queries (and non)
        • processor architecture
        • full part info w/ per part chip package info
        • semiconductor process info
          • fabs used (uh, probably not)
        • development and release dates
        • driver information for various platforms (if applicable)
        • datasheet location
        • firmware / microcode information
        • interface information
      • integration w/ reviews (problematic...) for some sort of quality scoring
      • anything else that would be of interest
      • vendor sales and manuf. numbers would be awesome, but it's not like that is ever going to happen
    • per firmware pages
  • aggregate more useful data and integrate into device pages
    • price info
    • vendor info
    • reviews (maybe, per user integration via mediawiki would be possible.. but obvious trust issues would exist - would also require per user + page access control..)
  • redo main page so it is actually functional and not complete crap
  • increase ease of queriability
    • add form based queries
    • templatize most queries for better data display
  • non-crap citation and content attribution
  • add actual documentation / help pages
  • add additional Windows drivers

add usb capability info

.. this would be best handled w/ a per chipset page (and then queried from there). assigning each value per page is not exactly desirable except for exceptions

sandbox / other pages

additional query pages