Alcor Micro AU6601

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Part Package PCIe Vid/Pid SD MX EEPROM LDO Noted
AU6601 QFN-40/28 PCIe 1.1 1aea:6601 SD 3.0 (SDR104) MMC yes internal MSXC
AU6621 QFN-40 PCIe 1.1 1aea:6621 SD 3.0 (SDR104) MMC no internal MSXC/ASPM/OBFF/LTR/RTD3
AU6625 QFN-40 PCIe 1.1 1aea:6625 SD 3.0 (SDR104) MMC no internal MSXC/ASPM/OBFF/LTR/RTD3
AU6631 QFN-40 PCIe 1.1 1aea:6631 SD 3.0/4.0 MMC no internal MSXC/ASPM/OBFF/LTR/RTD3

According to AmPeStor.inf AU6601 should be compatible with AU6621 and AU6625

; For Win2K
%AMPCIECR% = DriverInstall_6601, PCI\VEN_1aea&DEV_6601
%AMPCIECR% = DriverInstall, PCI\VEN_1aea&DEV_6621
%AMPCIECR% = DriverInstall, PCI\VEN_1aea&DEV_6625

; For Win2K
%AMPCIECR_GEN% = DriverInstall_Gen, PCI\VEN_105b&DEV_0ef6
%AMPCIECR_GEN% = DriverInstall_Gen, PCI\VEN_105b&DEV_0ef7

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Ux302la sdreader controller.jpg