Alcor Micro

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Chipsets (Controllers)

  • Alcor Micro AU6601 (AU6621/AU6631) - PCIe Flash Card Reader Controller
  • Alcor Micro AU6254 (AU9254) - 4-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller
  • Alcor Micro AU6258 - 4-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller
  • Alcor Micro AU6259 - 4-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller/Card Reader
  • Alcor Micro AU6350 - 2-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller/Card Reader
  • Alcor Micro AU6431 - USB 2.0 SD Flash Card Reader Controller

USB Hub Devices

 Global typeSize classUSB conn.Ports numChip brandChip modelChip numVendor IDDevice IDPort LEDPower LEDRelease date
Belkin (My Essentials) F5U124-MEUSB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonegreen2005
Belkin F5U045USB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonenone2008
Belkin F5U215-MOB v2USB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU62541058f6254nonered
China 6407-MCUSB hubminiFemale Mini-B4Alcor MicroAU62541058f62542007
China SE-USB-HUB-13AUSB hubdesktopFemale B13Alcor MicroAU62544058f6254noneblue
Compaq CPQ14USBUSB hubminiMale A4Alcor Micro1058f9254nonered2003
Computer Essentials 840769USB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonegreen
Connectland CL-U2MNHUB-4BUSB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU62541058f6254greenred
Cyber USB 4PORT HUBUSB hubminiMale A4Alcor Micro1058f9254nonegreen
Dynex DX-H411PUSB hubminiFemale B4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254noneblue + green2004
Inland 08817USB hubminiFemale Mini-B7Alcor MicroAU62542058f6254noneblue
Inland unk. model / 1813V1.2USB hubdesktopFemale Mini-B7Alcor MicroAU62542058f6254nonegreen
Manhattan UH404EUSB hubminiFemale B4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonegreen
Micro Innovations USB204NUSB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonenone
PPA International 1769USB hubMiniMale A4Alcor MicroAU62541058f6254
Prime Line PL-2424USB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonegreen
RadioShack 26-197USB hubminiMale A4Alcor Micro1058f9254noneblue
SIIG USB 4-Port Hub (JU-H42012)USB hubminiMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonenone
Staples 12412USB hubdesktopFemale Mini-B4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254nonenone
Unknown UTH-4P05J1SLUSB hubdongleMale A4Alcor MicroAU9254A211058f9254greengreen2001
V7 HU720USB hubminiMale A4Alcor Micro2058f6254noneblue2011