BreezeCOM PC-DS.11

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BreezeCOM PC-DS.11

Manuf (OEM/ODM): No Wires Needed Swallow 1100

FCC approval date: 07 October 1999

Interface: PCMCIA (16-bit)

ID: 0268:0002

WI1 chip1: VLSI VPS10101-3

WI1 chip2: Harris HFA3860

WI1 chip3: Harris HFA3624

Probable Linux driver
(see also passys)

Antenna connector: none


OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented VLSI chipsets with specifications, see VLSI.

For a list of all currently documented Harris chipsets with specifications, see Harris.


Harris HFA3680B Test Report (BreezeCOM, Inc.)
Model: Swallow 1100, Falcon 1100


BreezeCOM AP-DS.11 Wireless Access Point
BreezeCOM SA-DS.11 Wireless Station Adapter
BreezeCOM WBS-DS.11 Wireless Bridge Server
BreezeCOM WBC-DS.11 Wireless Bridge Client
Model: Parrot 1100 - Compaq WL400


Faber Electronics PC1100PCB - 6-layer epoxy PCB

  • VLSI VPS10101-3 - CPU ARM uC Ruby II (TQFP144, U1; 1)
General Purpose PCMCIA controller (w/ 32-bit ARM6 core)
  • AMD AM29F010-55EC - Memory Flash 128k x 8 (TSOP I, Y-3 32, U2; 1)
  • IDT IDT71016S20PH - Memory SRAM 64k x 16 20ns (TSOP II, Z44)
  • Harris HFA3860 IV - Wireless/RF Baseband processor (TQFP-48, U4; 1)
  • Harris HFA3624 IA - Wireless/RF Prescalar, IF/RF (SSOP-28, U16; 1)
  • Harris HFA3724 IN - Wireless/RF Mod/Demod (TQFP-80, U8; 1)
  • Harris HFA3524 IA - Wireless/RF Synth (TSSOP-20, U9; 1)
  • Harris HFA3424 IB - Wireless/RF LNA (SOIC-8, U10; 2)
  • Harris HFA3424 IB - Wireless/RF LNA (SOIC-8, U13)
  • Harris HFA3925 IA96 - Wireless/RF PA (SSOP-28, U15; 1)
  • Macom SW-356 - Switch RF 2.4-2.5GHz (SOIC-8, U28; 1)
  • Harris ICL7660 SIBA-T - Linear Super voltage converter (SOIC-8, U17; 1)

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