Linksys WPC54G v5

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Linksys WPC54G v5

Manuf (OEM/ODM): CyberTAN WE600-M

FCC approval date: 17 November 2004

Interface: PCMCIA (32-bit)

ID: 11ab:1faa (16 addl. devices) SS: 1737:0040
Windows: PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_1FAA&SUBSYS_00401737

IC ID: 3839A-WPC54GV5

WI1 chip1: Marvell 88W8335

WI1 chip2: Marvell 88W8010

Antenna connector: none


OUI: 00:18:F8 (11 E, 14 W)

 Chip1 brandChip2 brand
Linksys WPC54G v1.0BroadcomBroadcom
Linksys WPC54G v1.1BroadcomBroadcom
Linksys WPC54G v1.2BroadcomBroadcom
Linksys WPC54G v2Texas InstrumentsRadia
Linksys WPC54G v3.0Broadcom
Linksys WPC54G v3.1Broadcom
Linksys WPC54G v4InprocommRFMD
Linksys WPC54G v5MarvellMarvell
Linksys WPC54G v7Atheros

For a list of all currently documented Marvell chipsets with specifications, see Marvell.

Wireless-G Notebook Adapter
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WPC54G v5 serial numbers appear to start with BDF5.