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Wi-Fi chipsets:

  • TC90515XBG 802.11bgn
  • TC90525XBG 802.11bgn; used in Sony NSG-MR3U (TV Remote control pad)
  • TC90535XBG (2009..2011) 802.11bgn HT20-only (72Mbps) SOC[1], requires external RFIC (Airoha AL2236); used in Toshiba FlashAir (WiFi SD memory card)
  • TC35662 (2012) 802.11abgn 1x1 + bluetooth combo SOC
  • TC35663 (2013) 802.11abgn+BT+NFC SOC
  • TC35665 (2013) 802.11abgn SOC[2]
  • TZ5000 series (2014) (application processors w/ integrated 802.11ac baseband [Imagination Technologies Ensigma™ C4500]) [1]
  • working on 802.11ad chip[3]

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